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15+ Best Ideas To Make Money Online By Creating Website In 2021

if you want to earn money online in 2021 you have to start own website or blogs.because,it communicate you and your users...

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    if you want to earn money online in 2021 you have to start own website or blogs.because,it communicate you and your users.

    Best Ideas To Make Money Online By Creating Website In 2021

    Some Best Ideas to make money online by creating website / Blog are Given Below -

    1. Start Niche Blogging

    If you are fond of writing and want to share your knowledge or you can write about someone in a very good way, then you should definitely start blogging.

    When it is started, it does not start receiving money from it at the same time, it takes time for this, that is why it should be kept.


     1. Start a blog about something you are really good at. For example, if you like traveling and have visited a lot of places then start a travel blog.

    2. Write about something that will change your reader's life.

     3. Listen to the readers of your blog. Try to solve the problems they face. Always reply to their comments.

    4. Do not criticize other brands, bloggers or people.

    5. Be open-minded and willing to collaborate with other creatives. Meet some great people.

    2. Create Niche website

    A Niche website is a small website focused on a particular subject that shares all information related to that topic. A Niche website can be of few pages.


     1. Using the sub-domain, you can write as many Niche site views.

    2. Create at least 10 posts with 1000 words that will provide value to your Niche readers.

    3. Sign up for at least 2 affiliate programs that present your Niche related brands with a commission of over 50%.

    4. Do keyword research and at least 15-20 niche .Try to rank your site on keywords.

    5. Find guest blogging opportunities.


    3. Create a membership site

    A membership site is a private website, with content available only to members with accounts. It usually provides members with the ability to interact with each other. They pay a monthly fee to be a member of the website.

    4. Review website

    A review website is a website where a review of a topic is published. There are also micro niche of review website like if you want to give your review about a movie, review of a book can make a review website about someone according to you

    5. Viral website

    A website that publishes interesting, surprising content and inspires its readers to share its content with their social media friends is called a viral website. It is a kind of website that becomes popular and increases traffic through social media sharing and makes money by publishing advertisements.

    Sometimes such websites are seen on Facebook, in which it is said with whom your face is found. How good are you etc.

    6. Coupon Website

    These types of websites have many types of coupon

    In addition to these, great deals in which great discounts are offered in these websites are also shown.

    Discount websites make money through affiliate marketing, when a viewer clicks a button like "View Deal, Get Deal", "View Deal", etc., they are sent to a business site via a link. Websites earn commissions when their referral product is purchased.

     The system also works the other way, merchants provide specific coupon codes to a particular coupon website, when a buyer clicks on a button like "show code," "show coupon", he is shown the coupon code already set goes. When the buyer enters that coupon code at checkout, the merchant knows where the buyer has been referred and the coupon website is rewarded with a commission.

    7. Comparison website

    Comparison websites help users find the right products or services from the same group of people, and they make money through referral links.

    Take a look at Trivago.com; It is one of the world's largest comparison site for hotels.


    8. Buy and sell domain

    You can batch buy a domain, who wants to buy the domain, they should give full confidence to your service, so that your site is reliable.

    9. Write Quotes shayri Status

    Quotes and shayari also have a search volume above million, so if you can write good quotes or shayari, then you should start it as soon as possible.

    10. Wishing sites

    You can create a great wishing site in which you can create a website for good morning, good night, festival wishes, birthday, etc. These websites go viral very quickly.

    11. Story Site

    There are many such websites on the internet where the story is made available and a good amount of traffic comes in them, so if you can make a story, then a website must be made for it.

    12. Image website

    If you can play a good photo or edit a very good photo, then the images website will be great for you, besides you can edit the personal photos of the users and upload them on your site with their permission. This creates a good relationship between you and the user.

    13. News Blog Site

    You can start a great news blog or website. For this, you can select a good theme and enter the news according to the user's need.

    14. Live News Site

    You can also start a live news blog or live news site, for this you do not have to do much.

    15. Create Gaming Blog Site 

    if you know some programming languages you can easily create gaming blog and start make money online.
    For basic Game Blog You Need HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT Languages.

    In This Post We Share 15+ Best Ideas To Make Money Online By Creating Website In 2021 everyone can easily start and can make online money.

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