Check SEO Get Links: Easiest Way For Backlinks

As a blogger, building quality backlinks to your website is crucial for improving search engine rankings and driving more organic traffic. However, a… As a blogger, building quality backlinks to your website is crucial for improving search engine rankings and driving more organic traffic. However, ac…

As a blogger, building quality backlinks to your website is crucial for improving search engine rankings and driving more organic traffic.

However, acquiring authoritative backlinks can be challenging and time-consuming.

What if I told you there was an easy way to build dofollow backlinks simply by checking your SEO score on various websites?

In this article, I will share several reputable SEO checking sites where you can enter your blog's URL, get an SEO analysis, and receive an automatic dofollow backlink in return.

By leveraging these SEO score checkers, you can build a steady stream of powerful backlinks with minimal effort.

Whether you're just getting started with SEO or looking to boost your existing link profile, using these SEO analysis tools is one of the most effective ways to level up your backlinking strategy.

What Are SEO Checking Sites and How Do They Work?

SEO checking sites are websites that analyze your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) and provide a score based on certain factors.

These factors include things like page load speed, mobile-friendliness, SSL implementation, and backlink profile.

By entering your website’s URL into one of these SEO checkers, you can get an overview of how optimized your site is for search engines like Google.

The higher your score, the better optimized your site is and the higher it may rank in search results.

Many of these sites will also provide suggestions and recommendations on how to improve your SEO score and ranking.

Some well-known SEO checking sites include Moz, Ahrefs, Semrush, and Ubersuggest.

These tools crawl your website and evaluate elements like:

  • Keyword usage and placement

  • Page load speeds

  • Mobile-friendliness

  • Backlink profile (the number and quality of websites linking to your site)

  • Page authority and domain authority

  • SSL implementation (whether your site uses HTTPS)

  • Duplicate content

  • Page titles, meta descriptions, alt image attributes, and more

By making improvements based on the recommendations these SEO checkers provide, you can strengthen your on-page and off-page SEO over time.

The great thing is, many of these SEO checking sites also provide dofollow backlinks to your site just for entering your URL.

So not only can you get valuable insights into your SEO, but you also gain a few high-quality backlinks in the process.

The Benefits of Using SEO Checking Sites for Backlinks

As an SEO professional, I frequently use SEO checking sites to build high-quality backlinks.

These sites offer several benefits:

SEO checking sites provide an easy way to get dofollow backlinks.

By simply entering my website's URL to check the SEO score, a dofollow backlink is created.

This helps increase my site's domain authority and page rank.

Using multiple SEO checking sites allows me to build a diverse backlink profile.

Since each site has a different domain authority and IP address, the backlinks appear natural.

This helps avoid potential penalties from search engines for unnatural linking patterns.

The backlinks from these sites contain relevant anchor text.

The anchor text usually includes phrases like "check SEO score" or "SEO analysis tool."

For an SEO-focused website, these anchor texts are logical and semantically similar.

Little effort is required to create these backlinks.

I just have to visit the sites, enter my URL, and the backlink is built.

This can be an efficient way to scale up a backlink building campaign.

While some SEO checking sites do provide nofollow backlinks, many reputable sites offer dofollow backlinks.

I focus my efforts on sites that give dofollow backlinks to maximize the SEO benefits.

Using SEO checking sites is not a complete backlink strategy but rather one tactic among many.

I incorporate it as part of a diversified approach that also includes guest blogging, broken link building, and private blog networks.

By combining multiple tactics, I can build a natural-looking backlink profile to boost my search rankings.

Top SEO Checking Sites That Provide Dofollow Backlinks

To build high-quality dofollow backlinks, I recommend utilizing popular SEO checking sites.

These platforms allow you to enter your website URL and receive an SEO analysis report, including a score evaluating certain factors like page speed, on-page optimization, and backlinks.

In exchange for providing this free service, many of these sites will include a dofollow backlink to your site within the report.

Spam Score
IP Address
1) 59 58 1
2) 54 61 7
3) 29 47 13

SEO Checking Sites That Only Offer Nofollow Links

There are several SEO checking sites that will provide nofollow backlinks to your website.

These links are useful for boosting your search engine rankings, even though the links themselves are not passed any link authority.

Spam Score
IP Address
1) 42 54 4
2) 35 46 17
3) 52 55 1
4) 24 28 1
5) 37 48 -1
6) 35 47 20
7) 34 46 15
8) 33 47 81
9) 33 47 24
10) 35 47 -1
11) 32 50 26
12) 31 48 18
13) 57 52 3

Step-by-Step Guide: Getting Dofollow Backlinks by Checking SEO Score

To build high-quality dofollow backlinks to your website, checking your SEO score on various sites is an easy method.

By entering your blog or website URL into these SEO checking tools, you can gain backlinks that pass link juice and help with search engine optimization.

  1. Select an SEO checking tool from the list above or find another reputable site that provides dofollow backlinks.

  2. Enter the URL of your blog or website into the SEO checker.

  3. The SEO tool will crawl your site and provide an SEO audit and report.

    Review the suggestions and insights to optimize your on-page SEO.

  4. Your backlink will now appear on the SEO checking site, pointing back to your website.

    This passes link juice and helps build your domain authority.

  5. Check back regularly and enter your URL into additional SEO tools to gain more high-quality backlinks over time.

By systematically checking your SEO score and fixing any issues, you'll not only improve your search rankings but also pick up dofollow backlinks in the process.

Leveraging these SEO tools is an easy way to build a solid backlink profile and boost your search visibility.


As you can see, creating backlinks through SEO checking sites is an effortless way to build authority and improve search engine rankings.

Simply by entering your website URL and reviewing the SEO analysis results on various free platforms, you can gain both dofollow and nofollow backlinks to strengthen your off-page optimization.

For any blogger or website owner looking to scale their link building in an automated fashion, leveraging SEO checkers is an easy win.

Why not give it a try and see how your search traffic and rankings improve over time with minimal work required? The rewards of higher visibility and more organic traffic are well worth the few minutes it takes to check your SEO score.

Thank You for reading Check SEO Get Links: Easiest Way For Backlinks for more our article's visit sitemap page.

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