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How can Wishing Blog Benefit Your Online Career Without Placing Ads

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In This Post We will Know How can Wishing Blog Benefit Your Online Career Without Placing Ads and without needed any cost. First we will know what is Wishing blog or sites than know how we can use it like Pro.


 What is a wishing websites / blog

Nowadays we know that many people are using WhatsApp for their personal use.

But some people also do many things through WhatsApp. You must have got such a link in which you are asked to enter your name, after which it shows you a greeting message. This is a wishing blog or wishing site. It is prepared for any festival, birthday, good morning, good night etc. event.

It is created from HTML and some language code, it is called wishing script.

HTML scripts are also used for Facebook and WhatsApp users so that we can make money from WhatsApp users. For this, these websites are made, through them, festivals or any special day, or Good Morning good night etc. are used to wish people. Apart from attractive images and videos, songs and shayari are also used.

You must have come across such messages in WhatsApp at some point in which the link has been spoken to touch. After touching it, you will get some kind of wishes in it.

What is needed to create a Wishing website

To create a Wishing website, you must have a mobile, Google account and Internet so that you can create these websites without having any knowledge of coding. To create such websites, some of the following steps are to be followed -

1. First you have to select any platform where you want to create a website. Like - blogspot, wordpress etc.

2. You should have a Google account, with the help of which you want to use these platforms.

3. You have to create a blog by creating an account on these websites

4. If you can buy the domain or not buy it, then you can use all the domains for free. Otherwise you can use any free domain like - .tk etc. because some Ad Network do not give Approval in all domains.

5. After this you will need the wishing script, which you will find easily on the internet. If you know coding, then you can also use it by making a wishing script by coding. You will find wishing scripts in this blog.

6. After getting the Wishing Script, it has to be placed in the blog created by you. And you have to save it, you can add any Ad according to it.

How to make money from a Wishing website

Good earning can also be done from the Wishing website. Following are some ways to earn money from wishing websites -

1. CPM / CMC - 

Some ad networks that offer the facility of cpm or cmc for wishing site can be earned by putting their ads, when someone clicks these ads, you will get money and even if no one clicks. Even then you will get money for every 1000 Ad views.

2. Affiliate marketing - 

You can promote the product of any shopping site in such sites. When someone buys them, you get money.

3. Refer - 

Many app companies and sites run the companies referral program, with the help of which money can be earned. When a person joins your link, you get a good income from it.

How can Wishing Blog Benefit Online Career Without Placing Ads

Use Given Below Tactics On Your wishing blog or site and Use it like Professionals.

1. Promoting You Blog/Site

You can use wishing blog to promote your blog by just adding some code and it will also increase backlink.

How To Promote Blog Or Site by wishing blog/site

when you create any type of wishing blog just use simple steps given below and promote your blog using wishing blog/sites.
1. First create a gif for promoting your blog (create only 160*90 gif image ) .
2. Upload this gif on internet or upload it on your blog page but don't publish post.
3. go to post HTML and find your Blogs Promoting gif Source and copy code and note down anywhere.
4. see this code =   <a href="YourBlogURL"><img src="GifImageSource" /></a>
YourBlogURL : Remove and paste your blog url you want to promote.
GifImageSource : paste here noted Source Code.

Now : your codes look like this 
 <a href=""><img src="" /></a>

5. Copy This Code And Go To Your Create Wishing Blogs Code Section.
6. paste this code where you want appear you blogs Promotion Images.

2. Boosting Your Affiliate Income

You can earn extra money by affiliate marking. Just use your affiliate link on your wishing blog or sites and boost your affiliate commission.

3. Engage On Viewers

You can easily engage with your users by this type of blogs or sites. it attract people to fill details.

4. Creating Huge List Of Emails 

some blog or sites show to get free data, free game skins, free scholarship or other so some people easily believe it and give real details it can easily makes you huge number of email lists.

Please Don't Create This Type Of  Blog Or Site it's Wrong Method For getting users detail.

5. Promote Products

Also You can Promote Your Products not matter digital or others. This Type of sites viral very quickly so it can really help you.

Conclusion :
I have explained in this post How can we use Wishing Blog for our Online Career Without Placing Ads.
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