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How To Choose Topic For Blog (Profitable Niche & MicroNiche ideas List )

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    Now , We All Know That What Is Blogging It's Time To Know What Blogging Topic Or Niche Should You Choose For Blogging. Selecting Topic For Your Blog Is Very Important Because It Decide That You Will Success Or Not .

    How To Choose Topic For Blog (Profitable Niche & MicroNiche ideas List )

    Are You Searching That What should I blog about or How To Choose Blogging Topic than this post surely help you lot.

    For Selecting A Blog Topic We Have To See Many Things Then we Can Select profitable Blogging Niche. So , First Know That What Is Niche.

    What Is Niche Blog

    Niche Means A Blog Where We Will Get All Information Related To Niche. example - A Computer Blog Can Provide Many Information Like Computer basic , Computer hardware , computer Software , Upcoming Computer Brand Or Etc.

    What Is Micro Niche Blog

    In Micro Niche Blog We Will See Only One Topic Related Information Suppose Computer Hardware . In Computer Hardware Micro Niche Blog We Will Get Only Information Related to computer hardware not other information provides in Micro Niche Blog.

    How To Choose Blogging Niche

    If You Want To Start Your Niche Blog You Should Have To Consider Below Things Before Selecting Blog Niche -

    1. Pick A Topic You Know About

    Only Select Topic That You Really Know About . If You Don't Know Topic And Start Blogging You Will Not Get High Result . So Always Think That You Really Know About This Niche / Topic ?

    2. Pick Topic That You Enjoy

    If You Know About Topic But Don't Enjoy It Can't Give You Long Term opportunity. So Always Select Topic Or Niche That You Enjoy.

    3. Do Your Research

    Always Research Your Niche Before Selecting and Know competition, search volume  and other  things that important for Your Blogging Success.

    4. Choose Profitable Niche

    If You Select Niche That Not Gives You Any Profit Or Giving You Very Few Profit Than You Will Definitely Stop Doing Blogging After Some Time Because Profit Makes Motivate Not Only Me Also Every Person Motivate when they get Profits.

    5. Try To Learn Than Earn

    You Don't Know Anything And Start Blogging It Gives You Only Short Term Success. If You have Passion On A Niche But Don't Know About Anything Always Try To Before Learn Than You Can Start Your Blog.

    6. Think Before Selecting Niche

    If You Selected Your Niche For Blog Than  You Should Ask Yourself Some Question Given Below -
    • I Have Passion On This Niche ? 
    • Do Other People Passionate this Niche ?
    • Can I Really Make Money By This Niche ?
    • Will I Continue Blogging After 6 Month On this Niche ?
    • Can I Write Posts Regularly ?
    • Do Other Persons Want To Read This Niche Posts ?
    • Other Blogs On This Niche Success Or Not ?
    • Do Your Blog Needs On Market ?

    Blogging Niche And Micro Niche List

    Below Are Popular Niche and Micro Niche List You Can Use For Your Blogging Career -


    1. Political News

    2. Health News

    3. Celebrity News

    4. Trending News


    1. Politicals

    2.  Celebrity

    3. Bloggers

    4. Businessman


    1. Heart

    2. Blood Pressure

    3. Diets


    1. Scientist

    2. politicians

    3. Actors

    4. Army Man


    1. Blogger

    2. WordPress

    Product Comparisons

    1. Smartphones

    2. Watches

    3. Computers

    4. Accessories 

    5. Deals


    1. Smartphones

    2. Courses 

    3. Deals

    4. Desktops ( Parts , Hardware , Software's )

    5. Movies

    6. Produts


    1. Tech

    2. Tips 

    3. Tricks

    4. News


    1. Programming Languages

    2. Regional Languages

    3. App Development

    4. Web Development

    Make Money

    1. Apps

    2. Websites

    3. Tricks

    4. tips

    FAQ :

    1. Which Niche Is Best For Blogging ?
    it's Depend On Your Knowledge , Passion And Providing Contents Almost Every Niche Is Best For Start Blogging.

    2. What are the most profitable blog topics?
    • health And Fitness.
    • Finance
    • Fashion
    • Lifestyle.
    • Marketing.
    • Gaming.
    • Technology

    Conclusion :
    I have explained in this post How To Choose Blogging Topic or Niche And Also Share Most Popular Niche And Micro Niche List.

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