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How to Get Adsense account Approval with Blogspot subdomain blog

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    If you are blogging to earn passive income, then you must use Adsense in your blog, this greatly increases your income. 

    Get Adsense account Approval with Blogspot subdomain blog

    In this post, we will tell you how to approve adsense in subdomain without any domain in your blogspot blog.

    Why You Don't Get Adsense's Approval

    We are giving you some main reasons that you do not get approval of AdSense, which you should not use. 

     1. Blog Theme: 

    You can never get the approval of Adsense because the blog theme is not user friendly. 

    2. Adsense policy:

    If you publish content in your blog that is against the AdSense policy, then you will never get approval for AdSense.

    How to approve Adsense

     Now we have to go up, because of which we do not get approval of AdSense, now we know that by doing this, we can get approval of AdSense in our blog within a day. 

    1. Which theme should be used for Adsense approval 

    You can use any kind of theme in your blog but remember some things like - your theme should be user friendly, the theme should have drop down menu and the footer of the theme should also have space to add some links.

    2. How old should your blog be

    You will find many people saying that your blog should be at least 6 months old, but this is not correct. I just told you above when I started this blog. I got adsense approval on this blog on 9 November 2020. Now you can see how much time it means that the blog does not have to be old to get approval in the blog.

    3. What is the quality content for Adsense approval

    100% people will tell you that to get approval in your blog, your blog should have quality content. But it does not tell you what is the quality content.
    We tell you what the quality content is.
    Quality content is that which is searched by the user like how you searched adsense Approval This is also quality content.
    Because the user's interest is visible.

    4. What is Unique Content

    Unique content means that which has not been copied from elsewhere, you do not have to copy anything for the content of your blog, yes you can learn from other blogs and write in your own language.
    Apart from this, Google finds out in another way that the content is unique or not it is meta description.
    Do not copy someone else's meta description and use it in your post.
    Some people use meta descriptions in their posts by copying other posts which are ranking so that they can get ranked easily. Create your own unique meta description.
    You can use the help of plagrism checking tool to see that it is 100% unique in the blog.

    5. Does content length matter for Adsense Approval?

    Some people will tell you that the larger the length of your blog posts, the more correct you are, in a way, they are right, but the larger the article you write, the more hope that plagrism will come in it, so do not write the post too big. Because every user cannot read your big posts, he only needs his own thing.
    If the length of your post is 500+ words, then write at least 20-25 posts.
    And if you have 1000+ words in your post, then 10-15 posts are also enough for you to take approval of adsense.

    6. Necessary Pages is necessary for Adsense approval.

    It is most important to make four pages in your blog in privacy policy, contact us, about us, sitemap, disclaimer. Add them to your blog's footer link.

    7. Make your blog professional and user friendly

    This is the biggest reason for not getting approval in many blogs.
    Label your blog post and customize it and use the link of those labels in the drop down menu of your blog.
    Like we used in our blog.

    8. Don't take Paid Traffic

    Do not buy traffic by paying money to increase the rank of your blog, it will not let you stay in blogging for long, do not take traffic by sharing your blog in social platform and community.
    Do not take Direst traffic.

    9. Must be 18+

    Confirm that the adsense account of which you want to get approval from gmail, your age is more than 18 years.

    10. Keep the topic of the blog as per adsense policy

    On some topics, AdSense does not give you approval, if you do not blogging on these topics, otherwise you will not get approval on them.
    That topic is -
    Downloading Content
    Illegal material etc. |

    11. Do not use other Ad Networks

    To get the approval of Adsense in your blog, keep in mind that you are not using any other ad network ads in your blog. Unless the approval of Adsense is not given, do not work on any other ad network. Yes, you can work on them after getting approval.

    12. Do not use copyright and duplicate images

    Do not use photos from anywhere in your blog, create and use unique images from your own.

    13. Traffic Source

    If the traffic in your blog is coming from trusted website like Google, Twitter, Facebook etc. then you will not have any problem in getting adsense approval but keep in mind that traffic from illegal website does not get approval from your blog. |

    14. What is the minimum traffic required for Adsense Approval

    If traffic is also coming in your blog then you will get the approval of adsense, that is, you do not need any minimum traffic to get adsense approval.

    15. Even after applying Adsense, keep posting

    When you apply for Adsense, keep in mind that even after applying, keep posting, it helps you to get approval.

    In today's post, we told you how we can make Adsense Approval in our Blogspot subdomain blog. We hope that now you will know that how to take adsense approval in blogspot sub domain.

    If you follow all the important steps mentioned above and you get the approval of adsense, then please do comment, this gives the other people the motivation.
    If you still do not get Adsense approval, then tell us, we will try our best to solve your problem.

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    Recovery,Transfer,Gas/Electicity,Classes,Rehab,Treatment,Cord Blood,crypto,finance,google,business,tech,DNS

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