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How To Get Google Featured Snippets For Blogger Posts 2021

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    In This Post I Will Show You That How Can You Optimize And Rank Your Blogger Posts For Google Featured Snippets.

    Also We Cover Everything About Featured Snippets Like - What Is Featured Snippets , How To Optimize Blog Posts , Types And After Getting Featured Snippets On Google How To Track It.

    Beginners Guide to Featured Snippets

    Before Get Featured Snippets On Google Lets Know Something About Featured Snippets In 2021

    What Are Featured Snippets

    These are selected search results which appear at the top of Google search results, they are also as rank Most of the time, they help searchers get the answers they need to their questions staight away. They are also called answer boxes for the same reason. They answer consmers questions (without spending more time searchingBelow Are >featured snippet example that i Get in This Blog -
    How To Get Google Featured Snippets For Blogger Posts 2021

    Types of Featured Snippets

    Paragraph snippets

    Paragraphs are the most common and seek to provide searchers with a direct answer to their query. They are often displayed alongside an image selected from another source. 
    According to Search Engine Journal, you will find paragraph snippets for keywords including terms such as:
  • Who is…
  • Why is…
  • What is…
  • How To....

  • Numbered list snippets

    Google displays numbered list snippets when the query suggests the searcher is looking for a set of steps to complete a task. The above prompt appears for the keyword "washing a dog".

    Bulleted list snippets

    Everyone loves list posts, and Google is no exception. For bullet list snippets, Google formats bulletin list headers to show a condensed view of the content.

    Table snippets

    For structured data, Google displays a tab snippet for improved readability. It doesn't grab the exact table of contents - instead, it re-for-mattes the data to make it more useful.

    YouTube Snippets

    Google can compile covered snippets from external data sources, such as YouTube. Search engines can also answer questions using text from video descriptions.

    Why are featured snippets important? 

    A featured is important because it represents an additional SERP feature that you can secure. Usually at the top of the results page, featured snippets offer more prominence to searchers and can boost brand recognition.

    why are featured snippets important (Benefits Of Featured Snippets)

    So you're familiar with Google's tips, but why do bloggers and publishers work so hard to get them? Here's why: 

    1. Increased Website Traffic 

    Probably the most obvious benefit of having a featured piece is more website traffic. Agencies and companies often notice a sting when visiting their website when they realize they have had a bite. By checking which page received significantly higher visits as well as the queries that users used to find the page, you can quickly identify which page received the prompt and the query that triggered it. 

    2. Increases Website Authority 

    One of Google's main rating factors is website authority, or how much Google trusts the site. Link building, the average time spent on the website, and the total number of visits, among many other visits, are factors that are considered when Google determines the authority of the website. 


    3. Increase in Keyword Positions 

    Covered snippets can also have a domino effect, but the improvement in one area is tied to another. So while not directly related, the increase in website authority of the put in question can trigger an improvement in keyword rankings and the online visibility of the business.

    How To optimize Blogger Posts For Google Featured Snippets In 2021 (step by step)

    So , Now This Posts Main Part Is Start . Follow Given Below Steps And Rank Your Blogger Posts To Featured Snippets-

    1. Research Keywords and choose effective keywords

    For Optimizing Featured Snippets first you have to research keywords . You Can Use Semrush Tool (Get 50% Off )  Because This Is One Of The ultimate tool .

    If Your Blog Is New Than Choose Long Tail Keywords That Has Very low Competition Don't Think About Search Volume ( It Can Be Very low).

    Note Down Some Related Keywords , Main Keywords And LSI Keywords For Your Post That You Want To Rank.

    2. Write Featured Snippets Optimized Blog Post

    Now , You Research keywords that you want to rank on featured snippets but what next. You Have to write featured snippets friendly blog post so , how to write it.

    1. make long tail keyword as h2 that contains almost all your blog ranking keywords. If Your Blog Is new Try To Rank On Very Low Volume Keywords For Ranking .

    2. Make Description Or List or Table That Contains Your Main keywords and Don't Forget you have to use this keywords between in top 40-50 words.

    3. Write Optimized Meta Description That Is User And Search Engine Can Easily Understand.

    4. Keep Your Blog URL's Short.

    5. If Already Post Is available That You Choose Write Long Post minimum 1500+ words.

    6. Use Subheading h3 After Your Heading . Also must Subheading Contain keywords.

    7. Make Blog Fast Because fast blog mostly rank.

    3. Index Blog Post

    Index Your Post on google or other search engines that you want to appear. Without Indexing Blog Posts can't Win Featured Snippets.

    4. Create Backlinks

    Try To Create High Quality Backlinks For Your Post But Don't Make Thousands Of Backlinks In A Day. Try To Make Only 2 Or 3 Backlinks Daily.

    5. Rank Blogger Post For SERP's 1st Page

    Now You Have To Rank Your Blog post On Google SERP's First Page Because Only First Pages Content Mostly Appear On Snippets.

    6. Increase CTR

    Let's Suppose You Are Now In Google's First Page So , What Next. Now You Have To Work On Increasing Your CTR ( Click Though Rate ).
    In Your Posts CTR Is High You Can Easily Rank And Get Featured Snippets Easily.

    Tips For Blogger Posts Featured Snippets

    1. Your Post Title Is Unique And Catchy (Don't Use Click-baits)

    2. Post's First 100 Words And Last 150 Words Must Content Post Main Keywords Or LSI keywords.

    3. Write Engaging And Clickable Meta Description For Blog Post.

    4. Always Try To Write Long Post .

    5. Don't Do Keyword Stuffing.

    6. Make Only High Quality Backlinks Don't Forget That 1 High Quality Backlink is More Powerful Compare To 100 Low Quality Backlinks.

    7. Maintain Your Backlinks And Backlinks Anchor Text Ratio .

    8. Use High Quality And Own Images .

    9. Remove Unnecessary Code that On Your Post.

    10. Use Questions Heading On Post.

    11. End Of The Post Must Write Conclusion Part.

    FAQ :

    1. Can New Blog Rank On Google Featured Snippets

    Yes , If Your Blog Is New You Can Get Featured Snippets But Using Custom Domain. 

    2. Can Sub Domain Blog Get Featured Snippets

    If You Want To Rank Sub domain Blog On Featured Snippets You Have To First Build Authority , Backlinks And After Some Time You Can get It.

    3. How Many Backlinks Needed For Featured Snippets

    It's Depend On Quality Not Quantity . High Quality Backlinks Always Work Better.

    4. Can Without Backlinks Blog Post Can Get Featured Snippets ?

    It's Depend if Your Blog Has Good Authority So , You Don't Need Backlinks But If Your Blog Is New Try To Make At-least One High Quality Backlink. 

    Conclusion :
    I have explained almost everything about featured snippets in this post.
    I hope You will Really Like And Enjoy This Post. Please Share This Post With Your Relatives,Friends And Help Others(Also Us

    If You Have Any Doubt, suggestions or anything that i forget to share here please comment , below comment Box . If You Comment That Really Important for Featured Snippets I will Definitely Add on This Post.

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