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How To Index Blogger Posts Fast On Google(Easy+Powerful Methods)

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    In This Post I will Show You Almost All Easy And Powerful Methods You Can Use To Index Your Blog Posts Quickly On Search Engines.

    How To Index Blogger Posts Fast On Google(Easy+Powerful Methods)

    Almost Every Blogger Want To Index Blog Posts Fast to Google Or Other Search Engines But Search Engines Webmaster Don't Index All Blog Contents.

    Why Indexing Is Important

    Indexing Is Very Important To Visible Your Blog On Search Result. Everyone Want To Index Blog Or Websites Fast On Search Engines.
    Below Are Some Reasons That Why Everyone Want To Index Posts Fast On Search Engines-
    • It Helps To get Organic Traffic.
    • For Visible On Search Result.
    • Increasing Authority.
    • Increasing Rank.

    Reasons Why Not Blog Posts Index Quickly

    Every Search Engines Use Webmaster That Crawl And Index Changes On Websites On Search Engine Database.
    Daily Millions Of Changes Happen On Internet. Some Content Publish And Some Deleted. It's Responsibility Of Webmaster to solve work On this changes and Give Useful Related Result On SERP Pages.
    Below Are Some Reasons That's Why Not Blog And Posts Index Fast On Search Engines-
    • When You Disable Visibility To Show On Search Engine.
    • When We Not Submit Blog On Webmasters.
    • When We Not Submit Sitemap To Webmaster.
    • Some Time New Blog Not Index Fast.
    • Not Regular Publishing Content to Blog.
    • Not Regularly Update Blogs Content.
    • Not Useing robots.txt Properly. 

    Below Are Some Easy And Powerful Methods To index Bloggers Posts Quickly On Google 

    Below i Provide You Some Proven Methods That You Can use To index Blog Posts Fast On Search Engines And Increase Blog Visibility And Traffic.

    1. Submit On Search Engines

    Submit Your Blog On Various Search Engines So Your Blog Can Be Visible On Many Search Engines SERP's Result.
    It Gives other Search Engine Signal To Index Posts That You not Indexed.

    2. Don't Forget To Submit Blog Sitemap On Webmasters

    When You Submit Your Blog On Webmasters Your Blog Indexed But It's Not Guarantee That Your posts Will indexed Properly.
    So, Also Submit Blog's Sitemap On Webmaster So It's Helps Search Engine Crawler To Index Blog Contents Fast.

    3. Submit On Various Directories

    Directories helps your Blog to Index Quickly On search Engines . Submit Blog To High DA And PA Directories it Gives Search Engine A Good Signal.

    4. Index Posts Using Google search Console URL Inspection Tool

    Go To google Search Console And Request Your URL To Index On Google search. Use Below Given Steps And Request To Index Blog post Fast-

    1.  Copy Your Posts URL that you want to index.
    2. Go Google Search Console.
    3. Click On URL Inspection.

    4. Paste Your URL.

    How To Index Blogger Posts Fast On Google

    5. If Your posts Not Indexed You Get Result Like This .

    How To Index Blogger Posts Fast On Google

    6. Click On REQUEST INDEXING. 
    7. It Takes Some Time To Request.

    How To Index Blogger Posts Fast On Google

    8. After Some Time You Get Result Like Below.

    How To Index Blogger Posts Fast On Google

    5. Use Website Pinger

    Website Pinger Are Some Sites Or Apps that Ping Your Blog Or Sites helps to index Posts on search Engines.
    For WordPress Many Ping Plugins Are Available But on Blogger We Can't Use Plugins. So , Use Ping Services.

    6. Create Backlinks For Posts 

    Create Backlinks For Your Published Posts. When Search Engines Crawl Sites It Find Your Posts URL it increase Your Chances To Indexed Quickly.
    Some People Only Create Backlinks For Blog Homepage Avoid It And Make Bcklinks For Posts.

    7. Submit To Social Networks

     Share Your Posts On Various Social Platform such as facebook , twitter or others. It's Increase Your Audience , Traffic And Indexing.

    8. Use robots.txt

    Use robots.txt On Blogger Blog And Disallow To index Pages , Categories You Don't Want To Show On Search Engines.

    9. Integrate Google Analytics On Blog

    Integrate Google Analytics Code On Your Bog. We know That Analytics is Google Product. When We Get Views on Post that Not Indexed On google , Webmaster Crawl Your Blog Index Your Post Instantly.

    10. Regular Updation

    Update Your Old Blog Posts And Don't Stop To Publishing Posts. Publish Post Weekly Or Monthly it Increase Your Only SERP visibility.

    11. Check Google Crawl Errors And Fix Them

    Some Time Posts Not Index Because Of Some errors. Check Crawl errors On Google Search Console And Try To Fix Them.

    12. Publish Unique Contents

    Don't Publish Duplicate Contents On Your Blog It can harrm Your Blog Always Publish Unique Contents On Your Blog.

    If You Follow All Methods That I Share In This Post I Sure 100% That Your Blog Posts Index Fast on Google Or Any Other Search Engines.

    13. Internal Link
    Link Posts that Already Indexed on google to Your new Post.

    Conclusion :
    I have Covered Almost Every Methods and explained step by step to index Your Post quickly on google with pictures.
    I hope You will Really Like And Enjoy This Post. Please Share This Post With Your Relatives,Friends And Help Others(Also Us

    If You Have Any Doubt or suggestions please comment below comment Box.

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