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how to write seo friendly Article That Search Engine LOVE (Checklist)

In This I will Show You How CAn We Write Our Blog Posts or Article SEO Friendly That Search Engine Love. Writing A blog Post Not Very Hard Everyone...

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If you are looking for how to write seo friendly Article That Search Engine LOVE (Checklist) you are not alone.

At the end of the post your all queries will solve about how to write seo friendly Article That Search Engine LOVE (Checklist).

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    In This I will Show You How CAn We Write Our Blog Posts or Article SEO Friendly That Search Engine Love.

    Writing A blog Post Not Very Hard Everyone can Do it But Writing A Optimized Blog Posts It's Very Hard Because Use Have To Follow many things on blog post.

    how to write seo friendly blog posts That Search Engine LOVE (+Checklist)

    When we Write SEO Optimized Blog Posts Or Articles it Helps Very Much Both User And Search Engines Side. If We Have Unique Contents It's Chances that Our Posts will Get Higher Ranking But What If We Don't Have Unique Content Than We Have To Write Posts Like User And Search Both Give Our Posts Priority For This We Have To Optimize Our Posts.

    If You Are Beginner Don't Worry Follow seo tips Given Below And after it you will know how to write seo friendly blog posts That Search Engine LOVE.

    Think Before You Write Blog Posts

    Think That Your Written Post Really Needed By Our Viewers Or Not and if Yes Than First Research About Your Related Posts content you can use social platform like Google , Facebook  , Youtube , Quora Or Others.
    Always Try To Explain Your Users In Very Easy Way.

    Research Your Blog Posts Material

    Research The Content On Internet Find Main Keywords , Secondary Keywords , URL Structure , Meta Description And Note Down to any Note Book.
    Also See What Posts Already Ranked On Search Page And Analyze It.

    Research Keywords For Blog Post

    Without Keyword Research Any Posts can't Get Higher Ranking it's Very Important Factor For Post SEO.  
    For Researching Keywords For Blog Posts You can Use Any Method Given Below also do't use keyword Stuffing In our Post because it Effect On Our Ranking -

    1. Reaserch Keywords By Ubersuggest Extension

    Install Ubersuggest Extension To Your Browser And Search Your Post Title To Google And See Magic.

    1. You Will See Like This All Details About Your Keyword Like - Volume ( How Much Month Search) , CPC ( Cost Per Click ) , SD ( Estimated Competition In Organic Search ).

    Reaserch Keywords By Ubersuggest Extension

    2. Scroll Down Your Search Page And You Will Also See Related Searches Search Volume , CPC and SD.

    Reaserch Keywords By Ubersuggest Extension

    2. Research Keywords By Keywords Everywhere

    Again Follow Same Steps Install Ubersuggest Extension To Your Browser And Search Your Post Title To Google And See Keywords.
    1.  You Will Get Related Keywords And Also People Also Search Keywords .

    Research Keywords By Keywords Everywhere

    2. If You Want More Keywords Click On Find Long Tail Keywords.

    Research Keywords By Keywords Everywhere

    Research How Much Text Lenght And Backlinks Needed For Blog Post Ranking

    For Ranking Your Blog Posts To Search Top Result Research That What Keywords And Backlinks Should Need To Rank Your Posts.
    Also Find How Many BAcklink You Should Create To Rank Your Blog Posts On Search Engines .
    For That Follow Given Below Simple Steps -

    1. Go To Semrush Dashboard (Get 7 days free trial).

    2. Under ON PAGE & TECH SEO Click SEO Content Template .

    3. Enter Your Targeted Blog Post Keyword And Select Country ( Where You Want To Target Post ) , Lnguage And  After it Click On Create SEO Template.

    4. Your Blog Post Template is Created Click On View SEO Template.

    5. You Will See Look Like This You See that How Much Text Length Should Use For Ranking Better on Search Result .

    Also It Display Keywords and Backlinks Sources You Should Use. Now You Know How Much Text Length Should Use For Blog Posts To Ranking.

    Create Blog Posts Mind map Or Structure 

    Now Second Biggest SEO Step To Create Your Blog Posts structure that where use Headings , Subheadings , table , Link List Or Other Things . 
    It Really help Both Search Engine And Users To Easily Navigate and Understand Your Posts.
    Your Post Should Look Like This -
    1. Introduction
    2. Headings 
    3. Conclusion

    How To Optimize Blog Post Contents

    when We Publish Any Post We Don't Use Only text on our post we use text , images , videos and many things . 
    Now If We Really want Optimize Our Posts For SEO we have To Optimize Everything We Use In Blog post.
    For Optimizing Your Blog Post Follow Given Ways Before You Publish Your Post-

    1. Optimize Post Title

    You Have To Optimize Your Blog Post Title That Both Users And Search Engine can Easily Understand.
    • Post Title : Means How Readers See Your Post Title.
    • Meta Title : Means How Search Engine See Your Post Title it help To Rank Your Post When User Search Related Queries.

    Tips :  

    • Don't Forget To Use Your Primary Keyword On You Post Title.
    • Don't Use Clickbait On Posts.

    2. Post Meta Description 

    When You Search Anything In Google You See Many Sites and all have some Description about what is post about.
    It helps search engine to understand Your Post Content.

    Tips : 

    • Write Your Post Meta Description naturally . 
    • Use your main keywords and secondary keyword to post meta description. 
    • Don't Use keywords many time it can hurt your ranking . 
    • don't copy others meta description to your post. 

    3. Optimize Blog Posts URL

    If You Don't Know How To Optimize Your Blog Post URL I Am Here Make URL Short And Should Main Keywords Use in Post URL.

    Tips : 

    • Use Short URL's equal or less than 5 words.
    • Try To Use Main Keyword in URL.
    • Don't Use Stop Words like What , How , Why Others in your post URL's.
    • Don't Use Undersore In URL's .
    • Use Small Letters In URL's Because It's Case Sensitive Means Keyword And keyword both are differents.

    4. Word Length

    Always Try To Write Longer Article that have more than 1000+ words because studies says longer article get more priority to search engines and get rank easily.

    Tips :

    • Don't Publish Post That Have less Than 300 words.
    • Don't Use Unnecessary Content On Your Post to get Better ranking it can increase Your Blogs Bounce Rate.
    • Don't Copy Anything From Others blog or websites.

    5. Optimize Your Images 

    Google Or Other search Engines can't read your Images so optimize it so they can understand what is about in  our posts. Use Alt Text on your blogs Every Images .

    Tips :

    • Always Use Alt Text On Your Images that what is pictures about .
    • Always Rename Your Images Before Publishing To Your Blog Don't Use automatically created name like - capture.png or etc.
    • Try To Put Different Alt Text On Your Post Images It rank Your Posts To Different Keywords.
    • Always Compress your images before publishing on post.

    6. internal linking

    Use Internal Linking on You Post so your Bounce rate will decrease and it helps to get users needed posts and also increase your DA ( Domain authority ) .
    Internal Linking Means Add Your Own pages on your website post.


    • Use Internal Linking When It needed.
    • Use Post Related Anchor Text .

    7. External linking

    if You Think Without Using External Linking On Your Blog Post You Can Get Much Traffic And Rank You Are Wrong. External Link Important For Increasing Your Post Ranking.


    • Use Only External Links When Necessary.
    • Always Target External Link In New Tab So Your Users can't leave your post.
    • use Nofollow Tag On Low Quality External links.

    8. Headings 

    Always Try To Use Headings On Your Post That Both Users And Search Engine Friendly. H1 Priority is high in search engines and h1 , h2 , ....h6 also has priority but not similar to h1.


    • use H1 , H2 , H3 heading tags Proper way in blog posts.
    • Try To Use Your Target Keyword In Post Headings.

    9. FAQ ( Last But Not Least )

    FAQ  means Frequently Asked Question You Can You It On Your Blog Posts So It helps Your Users Very Much Than They share.

    Final Checklist On how to write seo friendly blog posts

    • Research Your Blog Posts Material.
    • Research Keywords.
    • Analyze Others Posts.
    • Know How Much Word Limit We Have To Use In Post.
    • Write SEO Friendly Title.
    • Write SEO Friendly Meta Description.
    • Write SEO Friendly URL.
    • Optimize Images.
    • Use Internal Linking.
    • Use External Linking.
    • Properly Use Heading.
    • FAQ 

    In This Post I Show You Almost  Everything To write Blog Posts SEO Friendly For Getting Better ranking step by step in very easy way. 
    Ranking In Google Every Bloggers A dream but not all can achieve it. If You Are New On Blogging Don't Target High Competition Keywords , target Your Audience , share posts on social media it helps very much to getting traffic .

    Conclusion :

    I hope You will Really Like And Enjoy This Post. I Suggest You To Share This Post With Your Relatives,Friends And Help Others(Also Us

    If You Have Any Doubt, suggestions or i miss anything to blog post optimization please comment below comment Box.

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