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What Is Blog, Blogging, Bloggers ? (Definition With Explain)

This Is Post will be very interesting because in this post we will cover everything about blogging. In This Post we will cover what is blog,blog ty...

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    This Is Post will be very interesting because in this post we will cover everything about blogging. In This Post we will cover what is blog,blog types,purpose,what is blogger and blogging. Also Some Most Free Popular Platforms to start A free Blog.

    What is a blog

    Blogs act as a center for information and information related to a topic. It is just like a website but its owner can also be a normal person who has good knowledge about a subject and wants to share the information on the Internet, it is a very important service for him. With this help, a person can also share his personal life on the Internet.

    Example of Some blog

    1. Personal Blog - 

    In this type of blog, personal activit y, travel, etc. information is inserted.

    2. Business Blog - 

    Promoting your business, business work, business information, etc. are put in this blog.

    3. Professional Blog - 

    In this blog, any professional work, tutorial, etc

    4. Niche Blog - 

    Some topics, like cooking, photo editing, tech, information are put in it.

    5. Affiliate Blog - 

    In this, other sites are promoted in the blog or any product is promoted like - Amazon, Flipkart, ebay etc.

    6. Media Blog - 

    These are media blogs, in which information, news, weather, etc. are provided.

    Purpose/Uses of a blog

    if you want to know what is a blog used for read below some 5+ uses/purpose of blog so you can understand what is purpose of a blog.

    1. Some people want to share information on a topic on the Internet, such as - exam crack tips, computer information, Android tricks, etc.

    2. Some people are experts on a subject, so they provide tutorials and courses, such as Photoshop, programming language, website development, etc.

    3. Some people travel and share their activities

    4. Some people also promote their business

    5. Some people do it to earn money from blogs

    6. Some people earn money by writing about an ad network on the blog, and earn money by displaying other social advertisements in the blog.

    What are bloggers?

    The person who creates a blog and makes his services available on the Internet is called a blogger. That is, one who writes a blog is called a blogger.

    What is blogging

    Blogging means the process of writing and publishing a blog. When a blogger publishes a post in his blog with the help of a platform, the process from writing the post to publishing the post is called blogging.

    Blog vs websites

    • Blog is a student and website acts like a teacher.
    • A blog can be viewed as a page of a book while the website is a complete book.
    • Blog needs to be updated from time to time but it is not necessary for the website.

    What is a Blog Posts VS Pages

    1. Post can be made unlimited, but we cannot make the page unlimited.
    2. Date appears in the URL of the post but does not appear in the URL of the page
    3. We can see the post in the homepage of our blog but the page does not appear in the homepage
    4. We can write the post by category i.e. we can add labels in the post, we cannot put labels in the page
    5. Only posts are allowed in RSS feeds, not pages
    6. We can use a page as a homepage but cannot use a post as a homepage
    7. In the post we can place custom permalink but in the page we cannot put custom permalink.
    8. Posts are used for attention and pages are used for marketing.

    Does blogging cost money?

    Of course if you use free platforms like Blogspot or WordPress for blogging, then you will not need to spend any kind of money in these. But with this, you have to use all domains, to remove all the domains, you have to buy the domain for which you will have to invest money.

    Reasons to start blogging

    1. Share knowledge

    If you are good in any field, then you must do blogging, so that you can reach your knowledge very easily to more people.

    2. To increase business

    You can also use it to grow your business by blogging. Through this you get a good audience which makes it easy to grow business.

    3. To earn passive income

    If you want to earn extra passive income then you can do it easily by blogging.

    4. To learn something new

    You can learn a lot from blogging every time you do it.

    Free Platform For Creating A Blog

    Platform means where do you want to blogging like blogspot, wordpress etc. 

    1. WordPress.org

    It keeps more than 30% of the websites available on the Internet. wordpress.org ik open source
    That is, there is a free blogging platform for everyone that allows you to create a website and blog.

    1. Extra features like online store, paid membership are available on the blog.
    2. You get thousands of themes in it
    3. more than 54000 pluging
    4. This search engine is friendly


    It is also similar to wordpress.org but there is a slight difference.

    1. No setup is needed
    2. There are not many advanced features
    3. It is free with Sub-Domain

    3. Google Blogger

    Is a free blogging service run by Google. 
    1. you Don't need technical skill.
    2. Many themes are available for free.
    3. Simple interface
    4. It can be used by anyone


    It is a micro blogging platform that comes with sociel media component, it is easy to use.
    It has some limited features and no additional features are available.


    It is also a free blogging platform that is very useful for small business, it is mostly used in small business.

    Also know
    1. Drag and Drop tools are used
    2. A blog can be added to the website & nbsp;
    3. Templates to customize the site
    More apps can be used
    4. Its setup is fast and quick.
    5. No coding is required for this
    6. Some Ads in Blog on Using Free
    Are visible
    7. Once the template is selected, it cannot be changed.


    1. what is blog writing

    When we write blog posts it's call blog writing.

    2. what is a personal blog

    It's a type of niche blog. In this type of blog people share own personal information , practices , tours , etc.

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