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what is a domain name and how does it work

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    Today we will know what is the domain name, why it is important, what is the difference between the domain name and the URL. Where to buy domain types and domain names.

    What is Domain Name?

    All the websites available in the Internet have an address called a domain name. With the help of domain name, users can access your website. Domain name is the full address of your blog website like - techywebtech.com

    A domain has only one extension like - .com, .in etc.

    In the Internet, no two domain names can ever be the same, it is a unique address. The domain name has two parts which are separated by a dot.

    What is a subdomain?

    A website or blog which has more than one extension is considered under all domains like - techywebtech.blogspot.com

    Subdomains have more than two parts which are separated by dots.

    Types of domain in hindi

    You will get to see many types of domain names in the Internet, here we will tell you some of the types of domains that are used normally.

    1. Top Level Domain

    Today in the Internet you will find websites with most top level domains. Top level domain is preferred for any search engine

    TLD Example (Top Level Domain examples)

    com (commercial)

    .org (organization)

    .net (network)

    gov (government)

    .edu (education)

    .name (name)

    .biz (business)

    .info (information)

    Country Level Domain

    CLD Example (country Level Domain examples)

    us: United States

    .in: India

    .ch: Switzerland

    .cn: China

    .ru: Russia

    .br: Brazil

    How Does Domain Names Actually Work ?

    First we Know how Does Domain Names work we should know what happened when we go to any domain.
    Is It Really Easy .
    1. When we enter a domain name to our browser search bar. Our ISP (Internet Service Provider ) send our requests to global network of servers ( also called DNS ).

    2. These Servers Look up the server name of entered Domain Name.

    3. After Server Found Server Name send request to Name Servers(Name Servers are types of a servers who managed by hosting company).

    4. Than DNS forward our request to the computer(Web server that contains special softwares ) where website is stored.

    5. Now Web server fetch our Request Than send data to our browser and result appear on our Browser. 

    If Web Server Not Fount Our Request On server Than it Send some error codes (like - 404).

    Why do we need a domain name?

    You need a domain name to distinguish yourself in the world of Internet. If you are doing or want to do your product, business, business, then you should use the domain related to your Niche.

    Structure of domain name

    1. The domain name must contain at least one extension or dot

    2. A domain can be made into a separate domain.

    Difference between domain and URL

    You will get to see the domain name and URL in the same way, but there is a lot of difference between the two. A URL must contain a domain name.

    With the help of URLs, we can know about a lot of information about a domain like folder name, page name, etc.

    Domain Name Example:




    Domain name registration

    To make any domain available in the internet, you need to register the domain, you will find many websites in the Internet from which you can register your domain, for this you have to charge something.

    Before purchasing domain name, you must take care of the following things

    1. Use the trusted source from where you purchased the domain

    2. The domain name should be short and easy to remember.

    3. Your domain should contain keywords related to your Niche

    4. Always remember one thing that the search engine considers the top level domain as trustworthy, so if possible, take only the top level domain.

    5. You can also have a unique domain name, which is not present in the Internet yet, when you will get a good engagement with your user and they will start searching your domain in the search engine, then automatic will become the keyword for your domain.

    Where to buy domain name

    Some reliable sources from which you can register domains

    1. GoDaddy

    2. BigRock

    3. Hostinger

    4. Host Gator

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