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What is SEO in Blogging

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    Now , I am ready to cover SEO For Blog.

    In this post I will teach you that what is SEO in Blogging and why it's important for getting traffic and ranking.

    Most of blogger don't know about SEO that why they are unable to get organic traffic from search engines and ranking.

    Some blogger's know SEO And get millions of organic traffic from search result.

    What is Web Traffic (Types of web Traffic)

    When we learn SEO let's know what is Web traffic.
    Basically Web Traffic Is Amount Of Viewers That We Get On Blog Or Sites.

    Organic Traffic

    When we get Web traffic by searches without any investment it's call organic traffic.

    Paid Traffic

    Some users want results very quickly so they start paid Source for getting Web Traffic.
    Paid Traffic Contents Advertisement , Buy Backlinks , Buy Guest Posts etc.

    What is SEO

    SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is very important factor for getting organic traffic.

    In SEO we not optimize search engine for blog but optimize blog For search engines.

    Why SEO is Important

    Before You Understand SEO you have to know something that why SEO is Important for your blog.

    1. Organic Traffic

    Organic Traffic Means Getting Traffic To Blog Or Sites From Search results.

    By doing SEO in Blog's we can get high quality organic Traffic.

    2. Quality Traffic

    Organic Traffic increase Quality Traffic of Blog's Or Site's.

    It's Really Importantly To getting Traffic that is needed for your blog.

    3. Increase Brand Awareness

    If You get organic Traffic from search results your brand make good image for your readers .

    How SEO Work

    SEO is not easily or simple it needs some time and Experience to work.

    Not Anyone Can Be SEO experts in some days.

    Let's We try to understand how SEO actually works.

    SEO don't depend on any one factor .

    It's consist many factor for work properly.And Backlinks Are One Of The Best SEO Factor.

    See Below Image From Moz That Present What SEO Factor for Google Ranking.

    Rank factors pie chart

    For Know Exactly how SEO works you have to do some SEO Practices and implement.

    It get some effort and time to work.

    Types of SEO 

    SEO work on two major factors that's why we can call it SEO types.

    SEO has two Types -
    1. On page SEO
    2. Off page SEO

    What is On Page SEO

    In on page SEO we make Web pages for SEO friendly that search engine can easily understand and increase ranking.

    For on page Optimization we have to work on many things for blog or site.

    Some On Page SEO Practices :

    1. Internal Linking

    Line Other Post or article link from own blog or site to other post called internal linking.

    2. Title Optimization

    Optimization of blog or article titles that can both user and search engine friendly.

    3. URL 

    Make good and Short URL that search engine easily understand.

    4. Meta description

    Paragraph that visible after post title in Google or other search engines searches called meta description.

    It's also important for blog post SEO.

    5. External Linking

    Yes , you read it right external Linking is also a on page SEO methods that most professionals use.

    Give link other quality articles, sites or blogs on your post.

    It increase you trust and chances to getting rank faster.

    6. Heading Tags

    Almost all search engine crawler gives high priority to heading tags.

    H1 to H6 are heading tags. That you can use to your posts.

    H1 is high priority and H6 has very low priority.

    7. Post Word Length

    Word length is also matter in on page SEO. Post that is long it's highly chances to getting ranked that's why professionals write long articles.

    8. Image Optimization

    Doing proper SEO of your blog posts images so it's increase chances to rank your images on images search.

    You can optimize you images by giving proper image name, Good Alt name.

    What is Off Page SEO

    Off page SEO are which actions that we use outside of blog or site.

    Off page SEO is very important for increasing trust and organic Traffic by search engines.

    Some Off Page SEO Practices

    1. Backlinks

    Backlinks on of the best off page SEO methods to getting fast ranking on search engines. 

    Don't forget that only high quality Backlinks matter for it.

    1 high quality Backlink Is More Powerful than 1000 poor quality Backlinks.

    High quality Backlinks means which Backlinks that we get from high authority sites with proper anchor text related to post.

    2. Guest Posting

    A new blogger is difficult to make quality Backlinks I can understand it.

    In Guest Posts Blogger Write articles for other Blog's and add some link of blog posts.

    If You want Backlinks you can do guest posts on other blog or can allow others to do guest post on your blog.

    3. Profile Creation Sites

    Some high authority sites allow to create Account and add your blog or post links on your profile bio or about section.

    It can not increase your traffic but help to build Backlink.

    4. Commenting 

    It's one of easiest way to build Backlinks and doing off page SEO.

    You get nofollow Backlink but if you get from high authority sites it better than low authority sites follow Backlinks.

    Try to avoid creating Backlinks from commenting method it makes spam.

    Wrapping Up
    So You Know SEO in Blogging .

    If Your Blog is new try to build more Backlinks not only for your blog but also blog posts.

    If your blog posts rank your blog can easily ranked.

    After your Blog get some authority your posts can easily rank without building any Backlinks because of your authority.

    Don't make much Backlinks in a day. Try to make Backlinks naturally .

    Also don't use any black hat SEO techniques or black hat SEO tools for creating many Backlinks.

    It hurts for your blog and your blog can be panelized.

    Conclusion :
    I shared this post almost every important topics that is needed for your blog SEO.

    Now you know importance of SEO in Blogging.
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