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How To Get Free Custom Domain For Blogger(By Freenom)

how to get a free Custom domain name from Freenom For Blogger Blog. Know Step By Step With Pictures In Simple Words By techywebtech...

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    In this new post i will talk about how to get a free domain name from Freenom For Blogger Blog.

    How To Get Free Custom Domain For Blogger(By Freenom)

    Get Free Custom Domain For Blogger And Use Free On Your Blog.

    What are free domains?

    Free domains are like other domains, which can be put in a blog, website and can be used.

    Why are all domains not free?

    Domains are not free, because the organizations that make these domains need money to create and keep these domains active.

    Can you get a domain for free

    Of course, you can get the domain for free. In the Internet, you will find many such domains which are free and can be used without spending any money.

    What is freenom

    Freenom is a website with the help of which we can get a custom domain for free. In this, we do not get top level domains for free, but other domains like - .tk etc. are available for free. Apart from this, this site also provides top level domains at very low prices which can be purchased.

    Freenom is a free website but not completely free, you will Also Can get paid domains here.

    Freenom Available Free Domains






    Does freenom provide free domain forever (Is Freenom free forever?)

    No, the domain given in freenom is maximum 12month

    For free, after that you have to renew those domains.

    Why Freenom Provide Free Domains

    How does Freenom work and how does it make money. (How does Freenom work? How do they keep free domains running without generating any revenue from them?)

    Perhaps a question may have come in your mind that why this website provides a domain for free.


    So we answer that freenom does not give any domain free forever, it gives you the domain like a tenant and the real owner of this domain is freenom, if you want to own this domain then you have to get this domain. One has to purchase even if it is any free domain like - .tk ,gq.

    When you take a domain for free and use it, then when your domain starts getting good traffic, then it can withdraw the domain, it has been spoken in their website itself, that's why their terms and conditionMust read once.

    Is AdSense Approval available in Free Domains (Can you get a Google Adsense account approval for freenom and other free domains?)

    The answer is yes or no, because many times these free domains do not get AdSense approval, but if you write great content and your site is well optimized then you can get AdSense approval easily.

    How to get free domain from Freenom For Blogger

    1. First go to Google and search freenom go to the first website Or Click Here.

    2. Type the domain you want and click on check availability.

    3. You will get to see many available domains, you should get the domain name you want it now. Click To Get It now!

    4. Then checkout.

    6. After this, you have to choose the domain period, you get a free domain for a maximum of 12 months, select it and continue.

    7. In the next page you have to enter your email address, you can also enter any disposal mail, it asks for verification only once.

    8. You will receive a verification message in the email, verify the email.

    10. After verification, fill your details and set the password and complete the order.

    Whether or not should use freenom (should you use freenom or not)

    In my opinion, you should use freenom domain locally if you have a wishing website.

    So you can use it. But if you have a very good website in which you want to have good revenuey And Work For Long Term.

    you should not use its domain on this type website or blog.

    Bottom Line 

    Today i told you how to get free domain names from freenom for Blogger.

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