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How to Build PBN To Create SEO Backlinks (Powerful+Safest Way)

know How To Create PBN Backlinks Step By Step Professional SEO Experts use Without Getting Panalities By Using Best Powerful And Safest Way..

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    How to Build PBN For SEO

    Everything About PBN's : what private blog networks (PBNs) are,How To Create PBN's Effectively Safely,and how to identify them,Should Use PBN's To Create SEO Backlinks.

    Are You Know About PBN ?

    How to Build PBN To Create SEO Backlinks(Powerful+Safest Way)

    Most SEO Experts Use PBN To Boost Site Ranking Fast. PBN's Are Most Effective Way To Create Backlinks. PBN's Are Black Hat SEO Technique To Increase Ranking Very Fast. 

    If You Are New In SEO Just Ignore This Techniques Because It Only Help To Hurt Your SEO Performance.

    What is PBN's Are ?

    PBN Stands For Private Blog Network . Some SEO's Use PBN To Build Backlinks And Increase Search Engine Ranking. In PBN's People Create Some Other Sites To Get Dofollow Backlinks . Dofollow Backlinks Help A Lot That's Why People Build PBN's To Get Dofollow Backlinks.

    what is PBN's Are ?

    Now , You Know About PBN Lets Know How To Build It.

    How To Create PBN Backlinks ( Build a Private Blog Network)

    Follow Below Given Steps To Know How To Build PBN.

    1. Use Premium Proxies

    Always Use Premium Proxies When Create PBN Backlinks. Proxies Will Help You To Hide Your IP And Help To Protect Search Engine Panalities.
    Avoid To Use Free Proxies Because Everyone Use This Proxies.

    2. Create New Mail Account

    when You Build PBN Always Use Fresh And Unique Mail Id's. It help To Search Engine understand That Its New User.

    3. Register Domain

    Register Your Domain With Created New Mail Id. 

    4. Create Blog/Site On CMS

    Now, Its Time To Create Your PBN Blog/Site. Many CMS Like Wordpress , Blogger Can Help You To Create Site.

    5. Add Custom Domain

    After It, Add Custom Domain That You Recently Purchased.

    6. Customize Theme

    Customize Created PBN Theme You Can Get Many Premium Blogger Template On Internet.

    How To Create PBN (Build PBN)

    7. Create And Add Necessary Pages To PBN

    Create Some Necessary Page About,Contact , Privacy Policy More And Add These Pages To Your Created PBN's.

    8. Submit To Search Engine ( For Index)

    After Following All Steps Now, Submit Your PBN To Various Search Engines And Dont Forget To Submit Sitemap.

    9. Add Quality Articles 

    Write Some High Quality Articles On Your PBN ( Minimum 15 Posts). Use High Quality Images And Videos.

    10. Add External Links

    Add External Links To Your Articles From High Authority Sites. It Help Search Engine To Trust On Your PBN.

    11. Wait 2-3 Week

    After Done All Above Steps Wait 2-3 Weeks To Index All Your Articles And Links.

    12. Add Your Money Site Links ( Last But Not Least)

    This Is Last But Very Important Step You Have To Follow. Now, Add Your Money Site Links On Posts. But, Don't Add Links On All Your Articles. Add Links Only On Traffic Getting Articles And Reliable Content.
    If Your PBN's Have 15 Articles Link Back From Only 3 Articles.

    How To Identify A PBN

    Site owner : If A Newbie Create PBN Maybe Money Site And PBN Owner Will Be Same.
    Duplicate content : PBN Mostly Contains Duplicate And Fair Content So, We Can Easily Identify ..
    Images and videos : Used Content Such As Images And Videos Mostly Copyrighted .

    Is PBN Illegal ?

    PBN's Is Purely Black Hat SEO Technique We Can Call Its Illegal. When Search Engine Identify That You Are Using PBN For SEO Then It's Not Good For Your SEO Performance..

    What Google Doing Against PBN's

    As Google improves innovation to battle interface spam strategies, it has gotten increasingly hard for dark cap SEOs to pull off a PBN effectively.

    Why Should Avoid PBN's For Link Building

    1. Time Consuming 

    it;s Easy But Time Consuming Way To Build Backlinks.

    2. Help To Get Penalized

    if You Are Newbie On SEO And Start Creating Backlinks Using PBN Technique Then Its Only Help You To Get Penalized And After That You Can't Get Good Ranking.

    Bottom Line :
    I Hope This Post Help You To Clear All Your Doubts Regarding PBN's And You Know How To Build PBN Safely Without Getting Penalties.

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