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High Quality Backlinks:Everything You Should Know

Before Creating Backlinks Should Know What Is Quality Backlinks and Backlinks Quality Vs Backlinks Quantity What Matter More To Rank In SEO..

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    SEO Specialist Know That Backlinks Are One Of The Important Factor That Make Traffic, Authority. 

    High Quality Backlinks:Everything You Should Know

    But , it Depends. Everyone Not A SEO Specialist And Can't hire SEO experts. But , You Can Implement Some SEO Strategies on Blog/Site.

    Before Creating Backlinks We Should Know What Is Quality Backlinks and About Backlinks Quality Vs Backlinks Quantity Who Is Good For SEO.

    What makes a backlink a quality backlink? Which links are useful in helping to improve SEO rankings As Well As Authority.

    What Is Quality Backlinks

    Quality Backlinks Help You To Gain Authority, Ranking And As Well As Traffic.

    Determining Quality Backlinks We Have To Check Many Factors.

    Let's , Know What Should Quality Backlinks Contain ?

    1. Relevancy In Backlinks

    Relevancy In Backlinks Stand For Getting Backlinks From Related Niche Sites. Also , it's Better To Surrounding Text Should Relevant To Link You Get.

    Example :

    Real Estate Site linking To Auto Transport Relevant. But , Real Estate Site Linking To Beauty Care Site Would Not be Relevant.

    2. Diversity in Backlinks

    Diversity In Backlinks Means Getting Backlinks From Many Source's. SEO Studies Show That Sites Ranking High Get Links From Vide Variety of Source. 
    So , Don't Get Links From Same Type Sites !
    Try To Get Backlinks From Various Domains.

    Example :

    Get Links From Different Source : RSS , Guest Post , Web 2.0 , ...

    3. Nofollow In Backlinks

    Google Not Like SEO Specialists And Every SEO Expert Know That DoFollow Backlinks Is Very Powerful Links.
    For Making Natural Backlinks Also Make Nofollow Backlinks. This Links Pass Link Juice..

    When You Have Many DoFollow Backlinks Google Easily Understand You Are SEOing And After It Google Can Panelize Your Blog/Site.

    Example :

    <a href="URL"  Rel="Nofollow" >Link Anchor Text </a>

    4. Referring C Block

    Ip Look Like 254.45.756.06 And Here Red Color Digits Called C Block in IP.

    The More Site You Getting Links Should From Different IP And Different C Block The Better.

    5. Total Backlinks

    Total Backlinks Playing A Role in Ranking. If Your Competitors Has 100 Backlinks Then it's better to not Make 1000's Of Backlinks.

    This May Trigger As Over SEO Optimize And Can Result To Get Panalities.

    6. Link velocity(Amount To Create Monthly Backlinks)

    Link Velocity Define You That How Much Backlinks Should You Create Every Month According To Traffic You Are Getting.

    Below Image Show You How Much Backlinks You Should Create Every Month According To Getting Traffic 👇

    Link velocity Diagram

    7. Getting Traffic By Backlinks

    Let's , Assume You Created 100's Of Backlinks But Not Getting Traffic Then They Don't Help You Anymore..

    Before Create Backlinks Always Remember That You Will Get Some Traffic After Creating Backlinks.

    Most People Don't Spend Time To Create Quality Backlinks And Start Using Black Hat SEO To Create Thousands Of Backlinks.

    Some Tools Help You To Generate Backlinks Automatically You Should Avoid This Type Backlinks.

    It Can Help You For Only Short Time..

    8. Powerful Backlinks

    Created Backlinks From Authority Sites More Powerful Compared To Created from Other Sites.

    But , If You Only Backlinks From High Authority Sites It Gives Search Engine A Red Signal That You Buy Backlinks .

    Make Backlinks Naturally That Search Engine Can Trust.

    Backlinks Power Can Check By UR(URL Rating ) And PR ( Page Ranking ).

    Not Create Only Low Authority , Quality Backlinks..

    QnA : 

    1. Why Quality Backlinks Matter

    Quality Backlinks Can Help To Boost Your Ranking And Organic Traffic Fact.

    2. What Backlinks Relevancy Should ?

    Site : 40-80%
    Content : 70-90%

    3. What Nofollow Backlinks Ratio Should ?

    10-40 %

    4. Can We Generate Quality Backlinks Fast ?

    Creating Quality Backlinks Need Effort And Time. We Can't Generate Quality Backlinks Fast.

    5. What Matter More : Backlinks Quantity Vs Backlinks Quantity

    Backlinks Quality Always Win Compared To Backlinks Quantity.

    1 Quality Backlinks Can Dominate 100's Of Backlinks.

    Wrapping up :
    Always , Make Sure You Are Not Getting Only Low Or High Quality Backlinks.

    Natural Sites Backlinks Always Combined of Low/High Quality Backlinks.

    It's Good Practice Should Everyone Follow When Creating Backlinks.

    Just , Don't Over Optimized .

    Now, Understand What Is Quality Backlinks And How You Can identify High Quality Backlinks..

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