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How to Transfer Blogger Blog to Another Google Account

Know How To Transfer Your Blogger Blog To Other Google Account Easily With The Help Of Pictures...

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Hello Friends,

Welcome to Techy Web Tech blog's another article.

If you are looking for How to Transfer Blogger Blog to Another Google Account you are not alone.

At the end of the post your all queries will solve about How to Transfer Blogger Blog to Another Google Account.

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    You Know That You Can transfer blogger to another account.

    Transfer Blog To help Others Or Use This Technique To Make Money.

    If You Know How To Make Professional Blog Then Use Your This Passion To Build More Blog's.

    Then , Connect Other People Who Want Blog's.

    Then , Transfer Blog And Make Extra Money.

    But , 

    Don't Know How To Transfer Blogger Blog To Another Google Account.

    How to Transfer Blogger Blog to Another Google Account

    How to transfer a blog to another Google account 

    1. First login to Blogger and select blog you want to send to another Google account.

    2. Then Go To settings.

    3. Click invite more authors in the Permissions section.

    4. After this you have to enter the email in which you have to transfer this blog and click send.

    5. You will get a message in the entered email id open Mail.

    6. Select Accept invitation.

    7. Click on accept invitation again.

    8. Come back to your blog and refresh the page.

    9. Clicking in Admins and Author To check Admin & Author Of Blog.

    10. Make Admin To The Email You Want To Make.

    11. Now , Click To Save Button.

    12. Now this blog will be transferred to that email id.

    If You Want To Remove Own Or Other Then Click To Cross Symbol And Then Save it.

    Bottom Line :

    Today we learned in this post how a Google Blogger blog is transferred to another Google account and removed from old email

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