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Types of content writing (Content Formats List)

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    Types of content writing (Content Formats List)

    Content Writing Is Not Only Writing Content You Have To Need To Know Some SEO Knowledge In This Field.

    Content Writing Has Many Types That I Will Cover Here.

    When starting a blog, it is helpful to know some of the content types that are available. It is also

    recommended to use multiple content types on your blog. Not only would this provide a dose of

    diversity, but it would also enable you to explore which content types work best for your blog

    and audience.

    How-to article

    The goal of these articles is to answer the question how to do/understand/use, etc. something.

    They are instructional and practical.


    If you have quite a lot to say about a topic, or you wish to present an elaborate analysis of a

    particular concept, an ebook is a perfect way to go. It can be published on your blog, but it is

    usually provided as downloadable material.

    Guest post

    When you write an article that is going to be published on another blog, this is a guest blog post.


    This type of content is very popular for blog posts, as it is quick to skim through it and easy to consume.


    When you want to create content in a form of a presentation, this is the type to use. It is very

    useful for presenting statistics, definions, key findings, etc.

    Case study

    The product of research and analysis is presented within a document called case study. It is a

    perfect format for presenting market studies, poll results, etc.


    Podcast is an audio type of content, which is growing in popularity. It is an interesting way to

    present your content or interview someone. Podcasts are quite handy for people on the go.


    Interview is a type of content that can be presented in a blog article, in a podcast, or even ina

    video. It features opinions of the people other than you, so it is an opportunity to provide a bit

    of diverse content and fresh information for your readers.

    Other content types include summaries, reviews, giveaways, FAQs, mind maps, press releases,

    photo galleries, timelines, surveys, quizzes, etc.

    evergreen Content

    it is a type of content that is always relevant for your target group. It offers a

    value that does not fade over time. It is about the topic that is constant and does not change


    The main benefit of evergreen content is that it does not lose value over time. It is created once

    and generates visits in the years to come. This represents less work for the blogger while keeping

    the traffic coming.

    Some examples of evergreen content include:

    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • How-to articles
    • Tutorials
    • Resource lists

    Even though the evergreen content is valuable and informative in the long run, it is still necessary

    to keep an eye on such content and make the adjustment when and if needed.

    Another thing to have in mind with evergreen content is to make sure this content is available to

    the blog visitors. Since blog articles are displayed in reverse chronological order on your blog,

    evergreen articles might end up buried deep in your blog even though they provide a lot of value,

    especially for the new visitors. One way to prevent this is to create a top posts section, a section

    with recommended posts, or a “Start here” page.

    Compounding blog post

    Compounding posts represent a great value for a blog because their principal characteristic is

    that they bring organic traffic over a considerable period of time, and that traffic increases to

    surpass the initial traffic the post receives when it was first published. Sometimes compounding

    posts make a considerable portion of overall organic blog traffic, which is why they are so

    valuable to a blog owner.

    Besides the characteristic that their traffic surpasses initial traffic, other things that differentiate a compounding blog post include:

    • The blog post answers the specific (and common) question
    • It covers a topic broadly with lots of helpful details and information
    • It is SEO-friendly
    • The blog post has a title with the words how, what, why, best, etc.

    Content formats

    There are four content formats you can use on your blog. Bloggers often use multiple content formats. You can even see blog posts that combine multiple content formats. The goal is to use provide diversity in terms of content formats to increase the performance of the blog post.

    Written content

    Written content represents the largest percentage of blog content. Blogging first started with written content being shared with online users. This kind of content contains the main idea, it represents the topic and showcases what the blogger has to say about the topic.

    Due to the content saturation on the internet, other content formats are also used to provide a more interactive experience.

    Visual content

    A blog post with visual content is said to perform better than a blog post without visual content.

    The main purpose of the visual content is to attract the attention of the readers and to illustrate

    the crucial ideas presented in the written content.

    Different types of visual content can be used in a blog post:

    • Images
    • Graphic
    • Infographics

    Audio content

    The most popular form of audio content is a podcast. Podcasts feature content in an audio form,

    which is very convenient for people to consume when on the go, especially for mobile users.

    When blogging, you can use this content format to re-purpose your articles. In this case, you give

    a visitor a choice of reading the article or listening to a podcast with the same content. Interviews

    are also a popular topic in podcasts. Instead of podcasts, audio books can also be an interesting

    content format to offer to your blog visitors.

    Video content

    This type of content has been growing in popularity over the past few years. There is a growing

    trend to use video in online marketing, and bloggers are also starting to explore this strategy.

    Unlike written content, video content is more engaging and can be consumed on the go, which

    makes it quite convenient for the contemporary online users.

    This is how another type of blog, called a vlog, was created. A viog is a blog in a video format. It

    is usually shared on a platform that enables video uploading, such as YouTube. Still, a viog can be

    a part of a blog post. Besides vlogs, a blog post can contain other types of videos, such as reviews,

    tutorials, presentations, etc.

    List Of Content Format's

    • How To's
    • Case Studies
    • Helpful Tool's
    • Charts
    • Vlog
    • Ebook
    • Videos
    • Templates
    • Surveys
    • Reviews
    • Resources
    • Quizes
    • QnA 
    • Podcast
    • Guides
    • Research 
    • Infographics
    • Interview
    • List
    • Online Game
    • Photos
    • Prediction
    • News
    • User Generated Content
    • More...

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