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47+ Ultimate Ways To Build Backlinks in 2021(Mostly Don't Know)

Creating Backlinks One Of The Important SEO Factor To increase Ranking And Getting Organic Traffic. 47+ Ultimate Ways To Build Backlinks in 2021(M...

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If you are looking for 47+ Ultimate Ways To Build Backlinks in 2021(Mostly Don't Know) you are not alone.

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    So, In This Post I Will Show Almost All Backlinks Creating Methods That Used To Create Backlinks.

    Creating Backlinks One Of The Important SEO Factor To increase Ranking And Getting Organic Traffic.

    47+ Ultimate Ways To Build Backlinks in 2021(Mostly Don't Know)

    Before, Google Algorithm Updates Ranking Depend On Backlinks Quantity But , Time Now Changes You can't get ranking By Backlinks Quantity.

    Today , Backlinks Quantity Matter Most Compared to Backlink Quantity.

    When you work to create Backlinks Always Remember That You can't Create Thousands Or Millions Backlinks Instantly.

    It's Time Taking Process.

    Some Backlinks Techniques That I Provide Here You Will See Only In Premium SEO Courses.

    But , I Always Provide Free Or Very Cheap Methods In This Blog So , I Provide You This Link Building Ways Absolutely Free here.

    Use Internal Linking Method

    Internal Linking one of the best and easiest way to build Backlinks.

    If You don't know internal Linking you have to know that what is internal Linking.

    Internal linking means Linking Your Post Link to other post so, Users can engage and spend more time.

    Some Tips To Create Internal Linking

    • It also help to reduce Your Bounce Rate And Give A Good Signal For Ranking.
    • Use Internal Linking but Don't Do that looks like spams.
    • Only Use Internal Linking When It's Nessesary otherwise don't do.

    Use external links And Send Them Email

    You can also build Backlinks by using external links on your post.

    In external link building method you have to add some external links (Other Blog's Or Sites Link) on Your Post  And them you have to send a email to link owner.

    Some Tips To Create External Linking

    • Don't Ask To Give Backlink Just Say That Your Article Was Awesome So , I Included it in My Post. Only say to share if you like it.
    • Most Of People Surely Check Your Post And If They Like Your Post They Will Surely Share Your Post In Social Networks It Can Help You To Build Backlinks without Asking.
    • Don't Do Unnecessary External Linking on Your Post.

    Earn Backlinks Thought Infographic

    In This 2021 Time Infographic Blogs Earn Backlinks easily .

    Infographic provide detailed information about Topics That Covered.

    This Is Why People Love it And Share It.

    You can Use Infographics On Your Blog Posts And Also Make Images Shareable So , It Can be Easily Share.

    You can Use Canvas Or Other Tool To Create Infographics.

    Contact Other Bloggers And Engage Them

    Contact Other Bloggers Related To Your Niche And Contact Them.

    By My Opinion Blogger's Don't Have Only Blog Most Blogger's Manage 2 or more Blog's So , Engage To Blogger's And Contact To Exchange Backlinks.

    Tips For Backlink Exchange

    • Only Share Links Blogger's That In Your Niche.
    • Confirm that blogger trusted before sending your link.
    • Give Backlink And Say Blogger To Link Back Your Blog On Other Blog's.
    • Try To Contact Blogger's That Are Beginner. If You Contact Professional Blogger It's highly chances that they not respond you.

    Use Interview Articles For Link Building

    People love to read Interviews so, For Growing You Blog You Have To Write Some Posts That Contains Famous Bloggers.

    Every People Want To Give Interview so , Ask Blogger For Interviews And Create Posts.

    Also If You Do Interview Provide Blog And Blogger's Link It Increase Your User Trust And Helps People .

    Write About Best Blogs in your Niche And Send Them Email.

    Write Post For Best Blogs In Your Niche And Write Post's.

    People want to write About Best Blogs So , Write Fast This Type Post.

    Spy Compititors​ Backlinks

    Search Your Competitors and spy Backlinks.

    For Spying Backlinks You can Use Ahrefs Or Semrush Tool Both Tools Are Awesome You can Use And Build Quality Backlinks.

    Use Social Media To Promote And Make Backlinks

    Social Media Platforms have high authority that's why they help to boost your Ranking.

    It helps to give search engine good signal and increase Trust .

    Broken Link Building Method

    You can build Backlinks by finding broken links.

    Wikipedia also have many broken links .

    Find your Compititors Broken links and Send Email To Site owners (site where you find broken Link) that some links are broken and provide your link to add.

    People Don't want to see broken links on blog or sites so , they will sure replace your link with broken links.

    Submit to RSS feed accepting sites

    If You want to be a professional blogger you should know about RSS Feed.

    RSS feeds Provide Facility To publish posts or article automatically.

    Some Sites Allow To submit blog Or site RSS Feed free or paid.

    You can search on Google to find free RSS Feed Accepting Sites.

    Submit Blog Or Site Feed On This Sites After it when you publish any new post your Post automatically publish on this sites .

    Means You get free Backlinks Without Doing Anything.

    Write Post On High Authority Sites

    You can write post on some authority site and can make Backlinks.

    It's not guest posting.

    Use Some Sites that Provide you to write free Post like medium.

    You can write free post on medium and Can Build High Authority Backlinks by placing your links on article.

    Web 2.0 

    Web 2.0 Sites Can help you to boost your blog's Ranking very fast.

    It's Very Easy , Free And Fast Technique To Skyrocket And Blog/Website Ranking On SERP.


    Some People Think confused about Web 2.0 and PBN And Don't know difference on it.

    PBN Stand Of Private Blog Networks. In PBN you have to create some more blogs for your main blog and then link back to main Blogs.

    In PBN You have need to a custom domain but Web 2.0 Backlink Method not Required for custom domain.

    Profile Creating Sites

    Some high quality site allow you to create account on it And place Link on profiles about section. 

    It help you to build high quality Backlink absolutely free.

    Article Submission Sites

    Submit Your Post or Article On Other Quality Site is Good Practice to make Backlinks without much effort. 

    You can find Many Sites on Google that accept article submission free.

    Image sharing sites

    Image sharing sites can help you to generate you Backlink and organic traffic.

    Use image sharing sites like Pixabey or other to boost your blog or site.

    Use Free Classified Ad Sites

    Use Classified sites make Backlinks by Classified Ad Sites. They Site Provide you to submit free Ad of Your Blog or site.

    Use Link Shortner sites

    Link Shortner sites not only provide you shorted link but also provide You Backlink.

    Some link Shortner Site Don't Required Any Account For Shorting Links.

    Wet clay link Building

    I sure you don't know about this link building method .

    This Link Building Method Only Share on Premium SEO Link Building Courses.

    if you want to know what is wet clay link and how to build Backlinks using this technique.

    Old is gold method

    In Old is Gold Backlink Creation Method You Have To Find Old Posts On Google Or Other Search Engine Than Message To Article Owner For Update Article Or Link Back To Your Updated Post.

    It help Both Of You.

    Use Chrome extension Method (Also Called Google Mamu)

    In Google Mamu Techniques You Have to Use Chrome Extension Store For Building Backlinks.

    You have to upload a extension on Google Chrome Extension Store and Give A Link That you Want To Increase Ranking.

    Simple , It's Not Black Hat SEO Technique it's a green hat SEO techniques.

    Press Release

    You can Use Press Release Site For Building quality Backlinks.

    Video Uploading sites

    Video Uploading Sites Like YouTube, Vimeo Provide Backlinks To Rank Your Blog/Site Or Articles.

    You Should Use This Platforms For Building Backlinks.

    Creating Backlinks on this platforms Mostly Free.


    What is Haro Link Building Technique 

    HARO(short for Help a Reporter Out) is one of best ways to get killer backlinks from authority news sites.  
    Brian Dean Backlinko

    Read This Article From Ahrefs For How To Build Backlinks Using Haro Technique.

    QnA Sites

    This Time QnA Sites Matter Very For Building Authority and Backlinks.

    You can Use This Sites For Finding Content And Also Can Make Backlinks.

    Some QnA Sites Like Quota , Google Question Hub Or Other You Should Use.


    Podcast not very popular on India But, it helps you really much.

    If You Want to be Professional Blogger Or Build Trust You Should Use Podcast.

    Also , You Can make Money By Doing Podcast.

    Publish Ebook

    After Building Trust You Can Publish Your Ebook And Can sell.

    It Help You to Make Money and Build Backlinks.

    You just have to attach some Links On Your Ebook.

    Write Testimonials 

    You can Build Backlinks By writing Testimonials for Others. But , before Doing It you Have To Build Trust And Authority So , People Trust You.

    Why people Want Your Testimonials If You Don't have Authority And Trust.


    Emails Can help You very Much to build Backlinks. 

    You can Send Emails Where Your Competitor Backlinks Available And say For Link Back.

    Also You can Promote You Reader And it Helps To Build Backlinks for You.

    Some Others Backlinks Building Method That You Can Use To make Backlinks (Not Recommended)

    Backlink Generator sites

    If You Don't have Time And Money To make Backlinks You Can use Backlink Generator tools to sites.

    But , Don't Forget That It's Not give you result For Long Time.

    Check SEO Score

    Some sites Give you Backlink For just checking SEO Score Of blog Or Site.
    You can use This Type Of sites . Some Sites Provide you dofollow Backlinks.

    Comment Backlinks.

    Most Newbie Blogger's Make Backlinks By doing Comments.

    Is This good Let me Explain You.

    Comment Backlinks Not Help For Ranking. Yes , You Can Get Some Traffic By Doing This Technique.

    Also Most Comment Backlinks Always No Follow .

    Mostly People Do Spam on Comment Section.

    You should avoid to create Backlinks By Comments.


    You can Forums For link Building. but You should Avoid this technique.

    Why , you Should avoid creating Forum Backlinks.

    In This 2021 , I this Most People Know About This Technique This Is Why All Person Use Forums For Building Links Only.

    Bookmarking Sites

    Some People Use Bookmarking Sites It Not Help You Any Way.

    Avoid This Method For Creating Backlinks.

    Directly Submission

    If You Want To create Thousands Of Backlinks By Just one click you Can Use This Backlink Building Way.

    It gives you thousands of Backlinks But Not Help You To rank You.

    Always Remember That 1 Quality Backlink More Powerful Than Thousands Of Backlinks.

    Guest Posting 

    You can build Backlinks by guest posting. In guest posting other persons write articles.
    You can allow others to do guest post or can do guest post on other blog or site.

    Guest post help to build you Backlinks but I suggest you to Don't do it.

    Yes , You can allow others on your blog but don't do guest posting on others blogs it totally waste your time.

    Also in guest posting you get Backlinks in Article Suppose Your Article not Popular that you think so , what your all work , time and effort all waste.

    Paid Ways To Create Backlinks

    Buy Backlinks

    You can Buy Backlinks from fiverr Or other free lancer platforms.

    Some sites Also Sell Backlink So , You can Buy Backlinks using this Sources.

    Some Tools Can Make Manual Backlinks For You.

    Buy Guest Posts

    So Very high Authority Sites Allow Paid Guest Posting means Doing Great post You have to Pay some Money.

    Use Premium Link Shortner

    If you have money you can use link Shortner subscription and then short your long link.

    It also help You to Make Backlinks.

    Wrapping up

    So , I Provide You Here almost All link building methods/ways Both Free and paid.

    But , If you Also Know Any link Building Method That not provided In This post You can comment Below Comment Section.

    Also , Don't Forget To share This Awesome Post on Your Social Platforms.

    Sharing Is Caring. 🤘🙏😎

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