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SEO Image Optimization 2021 - Ultimate Guide To Rank Images

Don't know about SEO Image Optimization ? 10.1% Google Traffic Comes From Image Search And It can help your blog/website to get more organic traffic..

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    Do you want to Know how to optimize images according to 2021 Image SEO Factor to get better SEO results ?

    Well, SEO is not a very difficult but to know it need to spend some time and effort.

    SEO Image Optimization- Ultimate Guide To Rank Images

    Images are a great way to reduce blog bounce rate, increase CTR and get more traffic from search engines.

    Images and GIFs are the internet source that Increase audience attraction and UI After Videos.

    Well, Currently I am doing Blogging on Google Blogger so, this post is especially for Blogger images optimization, but you can follow this strategy on your other Blogging platform to Optimize blog images.

    Our blog has 100+ Articles that's why I am unable to perform all the image optimization factors but, I am regularly updating my articles using this exact guide that I am sharing here.
    Many people implement this SEO strategies and getting ranking, Traffic.

    So, if you are ready to implement this technique let's start.

    What is SEO image optimization

    Before starting our main topic let's know what is image optimization ? Image Optimization is a SEO technique used to Optimize website or blog images according to search to get better SEO Ranking.

    After spending 1+ year to learning SEO I am able to teach you how image optimization work and how can we Optimize it.

    Why SEO image optimization Necessary ?

    Well, blog or website image optimization is not necessary to do but, if you are really serious about your blog's/website's Ranking, Traffic then you should consider this for your blog images.

    There are many benefits to Optimize images

    1. You will get higher search ranking.

    2. Obviously, after getting ranking its chances will increase that your website can get Organic Traffic.

    3. It's help to increase visibility.

    4. Maybe, you will be able to get some Quality Backlinks if your images are very good and created by you.

    5. Helps to get a million of blog traffic by image sharing sites.

    7. Helps to reduce your blog bounce Rate.

    How To Optimize Blog Images For Better SEO Performance

    There are many factors that search engine check to rank images on SERP, and we can't implement all those factors on your images but, we can implement some technique on Blog images To get SEO Benefits and Ranking.

    Some Proven Techniques that I know sharing on below πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

    Choose the right images Source to use in Blog

    Many people simple go to Google and search for images, Download and start using on Blog ❌
    It's bad Practice for long term Blogging success.

    There are many legal sources available to get Copyright free images and use on Blog or Website.

    Such As :

    It will be good to create your own custom images and infographics because, it will purely unique and Google give priority to unique things.

    Choose the right image file format

    There are many types of image files that used in websites but what image format is good ?
    According to google page insight you should use JPEG 2000, JPEG XR, and WebP format for Blog.

    Why this image format is good ? Because, this type of format Provide better images compression Compared to other type of image Formats.

    Image's File Name 

    Always Rename Blog images before using to your Blog it helps search engine bot understand better your images. You can use your articles primary keyword as rename images. To save your time and effort you can rename Images in bulk.

    Bad Image file Name Example : 
    Blogging kya hai.WebP

    Good Image File Name Example :

    Have you seen that what is the difference between good and bad image file name ? Yes, it's " - ". This type of file name indicates that images related to Blog Post/Article.

    Image size 

    Image size matter most the more size of your images that means more time it takes to load Blog.
    Images that you are using on your blog should Maximum 5 MB individually otherwise it will take more time to load your blog.

    The Right height:Width Of Images

    Use Image that can use easily on every social platforms and Community so more audience will come to your blog.

    According to most of the Blogger 200×200px is a good height & Width for Blog because these can easily accessible by most Platforms.

    Use Compressed Images

    Compression images are good for your blog because it Increases blog speed.

    Images get 25+% of Overall blog loading time that's why it's Necessary to compression images before using on Blog.

    There are many images compression tool available on Internet that can compress images without losing Quality.

    Alt Text

    Search engine bots can't read images they use images alt text as identity to know that what is that image about.

    If you don't give any alt text on your images then your doing very huge mistakes for your blog.

    Give every image a unique alt text so, you will be safe with Keyword stuffing and search engine maybe rank your images.

    Surrounding Text

    You know What is images surrounding Text?
    Maybe, not.

    Google getting smarter day by day and know that almost all people know something about SEO.

    That's why Google has implemented some algorithm on Webmaster Bots to recognize text surrounding images. it helps to understand that image's alt text Related to content or not.

    Best Practices on SEO Images Optimization

    Google hates SEO Guys that's why every time Google engineers and CEOs don't tell truth about SEO.
    Now, you will be thought that Why they hate SEO People ? 

    It's only one answer because they don't want everyone will know about how search engine work and then play with SEO Algorithms and holes.

    Below I share some Best Practices Related To Image SEO That You should consider πŸ‘‡

    1. Use at least one image on every blog post

    Always try to include at least one image on your article, so article can be easily share on many platforms.

    2. Remove Hyperlink from Images

    Hyperlink means when we click on image user will Redirect to another source.

    If you are Blogging on Google Blogger you surely know that when people touch Blogger article images, image will popup or open in new window. 

    Let's think by your audience side, they are reading your article and by mistake the click on your images and Redirect to another source will it affect your blog UI or not ?

    Definitely, it affects.

    So Consider removing blog images hyperlink to get better UI Experience.

    If Your images Quality Automatically Reduce then you can use Hyperlink.

    Because Blogger Automatically Reduce images And when we see image on new window it appears perfectly.

    3. Avoid CC Images

    Almost every People using CC Images And If You Also will use these what will be difference between you and other.

    #BeUnique and Create Own Quality Images.

    Bottom Line :
    If you are doing Blogging just for time pass then you can avoid these image optimization ways that I share on this post.

    But, don't forget that many people earning more than 50000+ each and every month by Blogging, and they are serious about it.

    So, if you are serious about Blogging Don't Forget to Optimize your blog images according to SEO for your long term Blogging business.

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