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What Is Label In Blogger + Best Practices To Use

Curios to know about what is labels in blogger and how to use those effectively to get more SEO benefits. Some Newbie blogger think that labels are...

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    Curios to know about what is labels in blogger and how to use those effectively to get more SEO benefits. Some Newbie blogger think that labels are meta tags / keywords and start adding more and unnecessary labels on post.

    What Is Label In Blogger + Best Practices To Use

    But, this is not right if you want to be a successful blogger then you have to think for long term.

    So, What is Labels and how we can use in the right way ?

    What Are Labels In Blogger ?

    Blogger provide different features compared to wordpress. In Wordpress categories and tags are not same both work differently but, In Blogger Categories, tags and labels are same and their only purpose is to sort your content. 

    Google first gives priority to user then other and Blogger is a Google product so, Google Provided labels in Blogger only for to sort articles so visitor can easily navigate what they are looking for.

    Labels work like related Post Widget that provide post related to same type of Articles.

    Example Of Blogger Labels :
    See Bottom Of this post you can see how much and what labels used in this article.

    Labels Main Purpose Everyone Should Know

    1. To sort articles by related terms/categories.
    2. Labels also used by search engine in Breadcrumbs to navigate post's.

    How To use Blogger Labels In Right Way : Important Keypoint

    1. Don't Make Spamming In Labels.
    2. Don't use more then three labels in Blogger Post.
    3. Every labels should not be more then three words.
    4. Add atleast one label in every post to safe with breadcrumb error.
    5. Labels are case sensitive means Blogger and blogger both are different tags.

    How To Use Labels On Navigation Menu

    If you want to use labels on your navigational menu bar you have to know about what tags are you using in your blog posts.

    Let's Suppose you labeled your post "blogging" then your URL look like -


    and if you labeled your post "Keyword Research" then your URL look like Below :


    You can use these URL on your navigation menu and when user clicks on your menu User will redirect to Labeled Posts.

    QnA :

    1. Is Labels help in SEO ?

    Yes , Label help search engine bots to easily navigate article on blog and also help to safe with breadcrumb error in Google search Console.

    2. How much Labels should use in every post ?

    Maximum 3 and minimum 1 Labels is good for you article and SEO.

    3. How To add labels to Blogger?

    To add Labels on Blogger Post you have to edit the your post and see left side here , you can see labels Section.
    Add Labels that you want to add. 
    If you try to add more then one tags you will see that when you type comma after tags all already used tags on blog will appear and you can any tags by one click.
    To add more then one Label use comma after every label.

    4. How to add tags in Blogger post

    I already said that Categories, Labels , and tags are same In Blogger means if you add Labels means you are adding all three things .

    Bottom Line :
    I Hope this article helped you and you are able to understand Blogger labels and The right way to use Blogger Labels. 

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