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How To Rank Embeded Youtube Video In Blogger

Do you know that you can rank your Youtube embed video from blogger on google video search. In wordpress there are many plugins available that easi...

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    Do you know that you can rank your Youtube embed video from blogger on google video search. In wordpress there are many plugins available that easily help to rank blog fast following many SEO Strategy without much effort but what about Blogspot blog ?

    Blogger Not support plugins and for applying features we have to add codes on blogger themes code section.

    I want to say you something before start this post. I like to learn new things and apply to know more.

    One day i use embed video in my blogger post then after some time i check that embeded video showing in google video search section and when i click on the result it redirect to my blog article.

    I was surprised and decided to share this with you so , you can rank your videos by apply these formula.

    My Experience

    I modify youtube embed video code before use in blogger then use and got ranked on google. Then i Apply these on my other blogs and same results got.

    My Estimate: What Make youtube embed Videos Rank In Google

    By my experience in google blogger already many schema by default applied and we dont need to manually apply those in blog.

    we just have to add iframe code that google bot can easily understatnd and rank.

    Rank Embeded Youtube Video In Blogger techywebtech

    What is embed video ?

    When we use third party sources video in our blog or site without uploading. for embed video we use source URL inside html iframe code.

    Does embedding YouTube videos help SEO ?

    Embed video not direct help for your SEO but it can help you to get more traffic and decrease blog bounce rate. if you use videos in blog post so, its highly chances that user sped time on blog it help to increase authority and trust.

    Advantages to use embeded video in Blog ?

    1. you don't need to create own videos means can use others videos on blog.
    2. No upload related problem will you face because you just have to use iframe code in post html section.
    3. get more traffic.
    4. engage audience.
    5. decrease bounce rate.

    So, how will we rank embedded Youtube video in blogger ?

    How to rank your embed videos on blogger?

    To rank embed video we have to apply some schema on blog and we can easily do it in WordPress by plugins.

    every time you want to use embedded video on blog follow below steps to get higher ranking.

    • Copy youtube video URL.
    • modify below red code by change video link.

     <iframe frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" scrolling="no" src=";fs=0&amp;iv_load_policy=3&amp;showinfo=1&amp;rel=0&amp;cc_load_policy=1&amp;start=0&amp;end=0&amp;origin=" type="text/html"></iframe>

    • copy modified code.
    • edit the post where you want to add these video.
    • Go To HTML View and paste code where you want to show video.
    • update or publish the post.

    Our Advice :

    I want to again say you that videos not increase your SEO directly but can help to improve it. Below is some tips and tricks you should follow before doing embed youtube video SEO.

    • Use video related to your article.
    • Try to you those video that thumbanil attractive and some text related to article.

    Bottom Line : 

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