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How to Find and Fix Broken Links on Website/Blog

Broken Links can hurt your SEO And audience that's why need to work on it. First we have to Check And Find broken link by using some Online Tools T...

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    If you have website or blog , I'm sure you've put lot of work, time and money to make it valuable source for your audience. I can feel it, it takes a lot of dedication to be successful in this field. 

    How to Find and Fix Broken Links on Website/Blog

    We have to Follow Many On-Page And Off-Page Factor to Make Website A Trusted and Authority Site. If You don't have Money you have to work by own . It will help you to learn many things but consume time, That's why many people give Up.

    If you are targeting organic traffic by search engines than you need a solid SEO Strategy to get million of views per month.

    Broken Links can hurt your SEO And audience that's why need to work on it. First we have to Check And Find broken link by using some Online Tools Then Fix it.

    What is Broken Links 

    Broken Links also called dead links that redirect to page that has removed or deleted. It is common because broken links can be many reasons.

    Response Code to check What Links has Problem
    404 (Page Not Found) : the page / resource doesn't exist on the server.

    400 (Bad Request) : host server cannot understand the URL on your page.

    bad host (Invalid host name) : server with that name doesn't exist or is unreachable.

    bad url :Malformed URL e.g. a missing bracket, extra slashes, wrong protocol etc.

    bad code (Invalid HTTP response code) : server response violates HTTP.

    Timeout : HTTP requests constantly timed out during the link check.
    Reset  : Host server drops connections. It is either mis-configured or is too busy.

    Disadvantages of broken links

    Below Are some disadvantages we face if our website have broken links:
    1. Bad User Experience : It hurts you audience experience and can help to increase bounce rate. Also, can exit and go to other website it will decrease dwell time.
    2. Hurts SEO : Google Doesn't Like Broken Links If you have broken links google will think your content is outdated or misleading and can outrank from SERP.
    3. Can Affect Trust : Broken Links can affect audience trust when they see many broken links on you website they will think you just focus to publish article not focus on quality.
    To avoid this potential disadvantages, you should regularly check your website for broken links. If you are wondering how to do this, you are not alone. 

    Fortunately, this has been done before and I have documented everything step by step and I find it useful. So, we have a complete guide to help you find and fix broken links on your website.

    How To Find broken links of Website Or Blog Online

    There are many Online dead Link Checker tool available on internet you can use to check website for broken links.

    Broken Link Checker :

    BrokenLinkChecker is a great online site to check broken links for your website or blog. you don't need to create account means it' work without account.

    Feature overview - 
    • Check for inactive links on websites and blogs.
    • Unlimited web pages that can be check. 
    • Check internal and external URLs.
    • Show sites with problematic HTML links. 
    • Report HTTP error codes (eg 404) for inappropriate URLs. 
    • Free version is limited to 3000 pages.

    How To Find Broken Links By BrokenLinkChecker

    1. Go to BrokenLinkChecker Website.
    2. Enter the Website Or Blog Address.

    3. Click To Find Broken Links.
    4. You will redirect to new link. Fill the security code, choose the second option.

    5. Now, Click to find broken links now!
    6. After Some Time You will see broken links.

    How To Fix Broken Links of Website

    Now, you know what and where broken links available on your website it's time to remove those links and increase website SEO.
    1. You have all the broken links .
    2. Click to URL in row of broken link (In Page where found Column )

    3. You will redirect to the page where broken link available you can now, Go To Your Blogging Platform and fix links by edit Post.

    I Hope This Article help you to understand how to find and fix broken links but if you have any queries or suggestions feel free to ask .

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