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How To Add Social Share Buttons To Blogger Posts

Every Blogger want that his/her Post get more shares and for it Blogger Need to add social media Share Buttons on every blog posts. It's not simple t

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    Every Blogger want that his/her Post get more shares and for it Blogger Need to add social media Share Buttons on every blog posts.

    It's not simple that you just added social share button and start getting more shares.

    It depends on your engaging content, Quality, and easy/Simple Social share buttons so , Everyone can easily see and can easily share..

    Adding Social Media share Buttons on WordPress quite simple because WordPress Support Plugins but Blogger not.

    So , how we will do it ?

    To add social media share buttons on your every Blogger Post you have to add a simple Script Code on your Blogger Template.

    Don't Worry you don't need to add code in every time for each post particularly.

    One Of The Easy And Best To Increase Traffic To Blog Is Social Sharing.

    It Help To Give Social Signals.

    Social Signals Help Search Engines To Trust On Your Blog Or Site For Ranking.

    That's Why,

    Adding Sharing Buttons to blog is very important.

    What Is Social Share Buttons

    Basically , Social Share Buttons Visible to our blog so , Any Person Who Viewing Blog Can Easily Share Blog Or Post By A Single Click.

    Every Person Time Is Important That's Why You Use It Because It Easy To understand And Save Time Of Our Audience.

    When You go to any blog or site You Will See Some Social Icons Such As WhatsApp , Facebook , Pinterest , So You can Easy Share On This Platforms.

    Add Responsive share Button To Blogger Blog

    Benefits of Social Share Buttons

    1. Boost Traffic

    It Helps to boost Your Blog Traffic Without Any Cost.

    2. Help to gain Links

    Also It Helps to Get Backlinks Without Any Effort.

    3. Improve SEO 

    After Sharing On Social Networks It Gives Positive signal To Search Engines And Help To Improve Your SEO Score.

    4. Increase Your Audience Circle

    Any Person Can't Discover All person That's Why You Use Other Person Passively To Increase Your Audience Circle.
    When A Person Share Your Post means You Increasing Your Audience And It Helps To Build Your Trust.

    It Can Help To Make More Customer For You.

    Add Social Share Buttons To Blogger

    1. Copy The Given Code.

    <script src='//' type='text/javascript'/>

    2. Go To Blogger Theme.

    3. Click to Edit HTML.

    4. Paste This Copied Code To before </body> Or </html> 

    5. Save Your Blog Theme.

    Bonus Tip : Show Social Share Buttons Only In Blogger Posts

    If you want to not appear social media share buttons to Blog Homepage Then use this code and use on your Blogger Blog theme.

     <b:if cond='data:view.isPost'>
    <script src='//' type='text/javascript'/>

    Features Of This Social Share Buttons Code

    1. Best Responsive Social Media Share Buttons For Blogger.
    2. Show Bottom Of Every Post In Mobile Device.
    3. Show Left Side in desktop view.
    4. Social Media Buttons That Will Appear : Facebook, Twitter , Telegram, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Copy to clipboard.
    5. add whatsapp share button in blogger

    Bottom Line :
    I hope this article help you for your blog and you are able to Integrate social media share buttons on Blogger.

    This Responsive Social share buttons helps you to get more social shares and social signals that help to boost blog ranking and traffic..

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