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How To Install Chrome Extensions To Android (step by step)

This tutorial will show you how to install Chrome extension on your Android device. Of course, some companies are making Android apps instead of An...

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    Can I install Chrome extensions on Android? This question appears multiple times in your inbox and on the web. You can easily install extensions on your desktop using Chrome. Chrome and Android are both made by Google, so you might think you can get the most out of Chrome. 

    Unfortunately, Chrome extensions are not compatible with the Chrome browser on Android.
    How To Install Chrome Extensions To Android (step by step)

    You can do almost anything on your Android device. turn right? people will tell you That may be true, but there are many things that can be useful to your business without installing a Chrome extension on your Android device, and you can't do the same on a mobile device. 

    So, this tutorial will show you how to install Chrome extension on your Android device. Of course, some companies are making Android apps instead of Android phone extensions.

    What Android Browsers Support Chrome Extension

    Currently the are three Android Browsers that Support Chrome extension to install on Android except Chrome Browser.

    1. Yandex Browser.
    2. Kiwi Browser.
    3. Firefox Browser.

    How to Get Chrome Extensions on Your Android Device

    Before Installing any Chrome Extension in Android we have to install extension supported Browser on Android. 

    I already mentioned that what browser Support extension.

    In This Post I Will Guide you step by step to install Chrome Extension on Android device using Kiwi Browser.

    If you want to install Extension using Firefox it will be hard Compared to kiwi Browser.

    Step by step guide on how to install kiwi Browser on Android

    • Go To play Store.
    • Search kiwi Browser.
    • Google play store will show you results.

    • Install the app that shown in Picture.

    How to Install Chrome Extensions on Android In Kiwi Browser

    • Open the kiwi Browser app.
    • Search for Chrome Web store.

    • Go to the official site of Chrome Web store.
    • Search the any extension you want to install in Android kiwi Browser.

    • Click on the extension.
    • Click on the Add to Chrome button.

    • Popup will appear click to OK.

    • Your Chrome Extension now installed on Android device.

    How to Use Chrome Extensions on Android Using Kiwi Browser

    To use some extension on kiwi Browser you need to enable desktop version. For it follow below steps :
    • Click on the right side top three bullet's.

    • Enable the option desktop site.

    • Search Anything you want.

    • Extension data will be show in right sidebar of Browser tab.

    Some time extension may be not work. So, change Browser search as Google or other.

    How To Remove Chrome Extension Kiwi Android Browser

    • Click to the top right side three bullet's.

    • Choose the extensions option.

    • You will all the extension you installed on your browser.
    • Click to remove button.

    • It will ask you permission to remove extension. Click on the OK Option.

    • Your installed extension will be removed.

    Bottom Line :
    There are restrictions on adding Chrome extensions to your Android device's web browser. After installing a Chrome extension, maybe you will face some problem using browser. You don't need to root your android device to install chrome extensions.

    Try it today and let us know if you have any issues or questions in comment section.
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