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Does Blogger Based Website Rank On Search Engines

We all know SEO is the major key to every website owner if he wants his site in top 10 ranks in Google SERPs. But do you have any idea how Blogger...

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    There are many benefits of blogging, but one significant benefit is that when you blog regularly about your niche topic, it gets indexed by search engines more frequently thus improving your website's search engine ranking. 

    Does Blogger Based Website Rank On Search Engines

    We all know SEO is the major key to every website owner if he wants his site in top 10 ranks in Google SERPs. 

    But do you have any idea how Blogger blogs rank in Google?

    How does blogger based website rank in google

    Blogs help websites rank higher in search engines because they consist of fresh content with unique information which increases traffic and in return helps build backlinks for the website. 

    So, let us dig deeper into this question "Does blogging on blogger give any advantage over other platforms like WordPress?"

    What makes blogger different?

    Blogger is owned by Google, which means it has higher chances of getting indexed faster than other blog hosting platforms. 

    Other blogging platforms like WordPress are also popular, but blogger has some features that make it stand out -

    let's find out if this makes a difference to how fast your website ranks or not?

    How long does it take for a blogger based website to rank in Google?

    For sure you just can't do a one-time effort and wait for few days to get your site listed on Google SERPs. 

    It takes time and consistent efforts to improve your rankings and bring traffic from organic searches. 

    To achieve results at an early stage, you need to spend more time on developing quality backlinks to the site, blog commenting, forum posting etc.

    However, I would suggest you first understand how this platform works and what suits your needs before moving ahead with anything. It has its own pros and cons which can't be overlooked at any cost.

    Why your blogger website disappears from SERPs?

    Google is showing content from blogger based websites in their search results only when they get updated on regular basis with quality, unique and useful stuff. 

    This is why you can't find your content from past some days or weeks after publishing it on your blogspot domain name which brings no value to readers!

    What do you think, how many people are coming to my site within a month? 

    Answer: Hardly a few visitors daily come to my website through different channels including social media, backlinks etc. That means there is no consistency in traffic. 

    You can't rank your website with this type of traffic.

    How does blogger rank for a website URL in the search engine results pages (SERP)

    Firstly, let's understand how Google ranks any page in general from an organic search results page

    In order to make sure only relevant results are displayed for each query across all its searches globally, Google uses multiple factors to determine if a web page is relevant enough for a particular query. 

    These are called ranking factors.

    Ranking factor 1: 

    Content relevance is the most important metric in the Google algorithm that has over 50% weight-age. 

    It's measured by keywords in content, freshness of content and other website pages/links pointing to it.

    Content relevance is something that keeps changing all the time. 

    Google evaluates each page based on its topic relevancy for every query and displays only the relevant pages for a particular search term in organic search results page. 

    For example, when I googled "blogger" recently, out of 3 ads and 7 organic results, 4 were about blogging tips and tools while rest were about blogger wesbite and hosting options! You can try this yourself here:

    Ranking factor 2: 

    Backlinks have an important role to play in Google's algorithm. 

    The more quality backlinks a site has, the higher it ranks for a given search term(s). Not all links are of the same value and link equity is divided among pages pointing to a particular page. 

    That means if one page on your blog got 10 high authority links and other had only 1, the first one would get 90% of link juice (equity) and second will get only 10%.

    Backlinks need not be from similar websites but they should always come from domains with good link authority (DA) and trust flow (TF). 

    For example if you guest post on someone's blog which is a relevant website for your topic and has good link juice, Google will send the required equity to your site along with source. While if you comment on an unrelated site, it's not as effective as a guest post since domain authority and trust flow will be much lower.

    Ranking factor 3: 

    Other metrics like domain age/age of content and page speed play a role but they're currently much less significant than content relevance and backlinks.

    What does this mean? You cannot just build up any old website and expect Google to rank it high in search results for many keywords just because it's related to what you are targeting.

    The more popular websites ranked higher in SERP while new sites get pushed down over time unless they earn high quality links relevant to the topic.

    Another important thing for you to remember is that Google does not like duplicate content (content which is available across multiple domains). 

    If your blog is hosted on Blogger and other sites like WordPress, Tumblr etc., make sure your blog posts are unique without any external links or references pointing back to blogs hosted on another site.

    What are the factors on which Blogger based websites ranking rely on?

    A blogger site depends on two main factors for its success:

    1. On-site optimization 

    2. Off page optimization (backlinks)

    For a blogger, these two things are very important because he/she don't have much time to do off page work like other webmasters having blogs and websites on different domain names and hosting partners. 

    So focus more on doing these things perfectly than wasting your time in any other stuff! 

    Follow the same guidance that I give to my clients and you will see results within few days or weeks! 

    How it works: 

    The first step is very important in doing any work in this field. You have to specify your target keywords and you should research more about it on keyword planner tool. 

    In the next step, create an article of 400-500 words with proper on page optimization by using LSI keywords naturally everywhere in that article without spamming. 

    Make sure, your title tag must be having your main keyword! And then provide a backlink from another website to your blogspot/blogger website within 24 hours of publishing the post.

    That's all! I know blogging is a time taking process but if you implement above strategies perfectly, there will be a guaranteed result for your hard work!

    Blogger website are hosted on google's own cloud server and thus has proved its reliability in terms of hosting speed, security, protection from hacking etc.

    One thing that makes it different from other blogging sites is that you can easily host multiple websites in single blogger account. 

    That is all your blogs will share one account info like login id & password. 

    So if you have many websites with the same parameters then why to register with different accounts! Use a single account with multiple domains also known as MULTIPLE DOMAINS in SINGLE ACCOUNT . 

    All this features are given by Blogger free service so there are no risks involved or hidden charges.

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