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How Many Visitors Are Needed To Earn $100 Daily From Google Adsense

In this article, I'll tell you how many blog traffic is needed for daily 100$ earn. I usually get around 2,000 to 5,000 views a day which convert in..

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    In this article, I'll tell you how many blog traffic is needed for daily 100$ earn.

    I usually get around 2,000 to 5,000 views a day which convert into 200-500$ (depending on CTR of ads). 

    But there are days when I don't even make 100$. My earnings depends on the CTR of ads on my posts. 

    Now first let me tell you what exactly causes more clicks or less clicks.

    How Many Visitors Are Needed To Earn $100 Daily From Google Adsense

    There are many factors which contribute towards getting good CTR's like appropriate image sizes , keeping your ad relevent to your post subject, having an attractive design with proper spacing etc. 

    but the main thing that attracts clicks in ads is the content of your post. 

    It doesn't matter how many ads you have on your blog or how attractive they are, people will click only when they like the stuff in your article.

    Why good CTR's matter?

    I'm sure you've heard this before that for every 100$ earned there are 25 $ cost to Google. 

    This means our earnings becomes 75$. After deducting ad costs if we earn around 30$, it's not much :( . If we can increase our CTR then it'll be better because even if our price remains same , more people will click and ultimately our revenue will increase (increase in clicks with same prices). 

    I hope you understand why CTR matters now.

    How many visitors are needed to earn $100 daily from Google Adsense?

    This is a question I get asked by fellow bloggers. It's not an easy answer because there are lots of factors that influence the answer. 

    To further complicate it, each blogs have different traffic source which reflects differently in their earnings reports. 

    For example if you drive 80% of your traffic from google search, then you can expect around 800-1000 visitors daily to achieve 100$ target while if you get 10% of your traffic from social networks like Facebook or Twitter , it may take up to 3000 visitors to hit the 100$ mark.

    I will try to break down three main sources of web site traffic and how it affects our potential. The three main sources are direct, search and referral traffic.

    Direct Traffic

    Direct traffic comes mostly from your family members, friend or co-worker who just happen to visit your site while browsing on the internet.

    This visitors usually don't go back to your site again so this is why it doesn't affect you income.

    While I'm at it, I will include 'past guest' visits on my list of direct one because there are some blogs that open an article for public viewing but only registered member can post comment though the records show as guest post on log reports).

    Search Traffic

    This is by far the most powerful source of web traffic which generate most if not all referral link that Google Adsense use in their adsense algorithm formula. 

    For example if you get 100,000 daily direct visitors and 10,000,000 daily search visitors the chance is very high for you to earn more than $100 daily from Adsense. 

    Here are few facts about Google Search traffic:

    1. It takes long time to grow search traffic since it comes mostly from 'earned' link (referral).
    2. Most of this one is targeted based on certain key words and phrases that directly match Adsense ads most of the time so I believe it is helped by low click through rate (CTR) which means we need high number of impressions to generate ad revenue.
    3. This traffic is most affected by Adwords cost per click (CPC) which means you need to have high CPC ads if your blog niche has expensive keywords.
    4. A new domain with no backlinks will find it hard to compete with established websites in same topic so you can expect low page rank for now.

    So don't be surprised if the first few months of blog activity reports show less than impressive earnings. 

    Growth in search traffic usually follows this pattern: slow at the beginning, faster after some time then taper off as more blogs on similar topic are created that outrank you for common key words & phrases . 

    Referral Traffc

    Direct Traffic 40% * Search Traffic 45% * Referral Traffic 15% 

    I am not sure what percentage of referral traffic is directly influenced by Adsense ads since lots of blogs use same term for referral link that Google adwords target. 

    If you think the influence of Adsense ads on your blog is real then I suggest to focus most, if not all, your attention on search traffic.

    Here are few facts about Referral Traffic: 

    1. This kind is mostly driven from social network web sites like Facebook , Twitter and Pinterest but they also come from blog web site that links back to yours. 
    2. Usually these links come from related topic blog but not always so it's a good idea to build do follow links too from authority web site with long domain age.
    3. New domains with no or very little SEO effort will find it hard to compete with established sites for referral traffic, so your earnings may stay flat until you get to page one for main keyword phrase. 
    4. It take long time to build referrals since it takes a while for other bloggers to notice and link back to you.
    5. Search engine not provide accurate data about this type of traffic.

    Google search provides us with precise numbers on how many visitors we got in a day but the same cannot be said when it come referral or direct visits. 

    For example if in a month I have 5000 visitors from social network, blog entry and do follow links then I can't tell which one contributed more because Google Analytics only show visit which is equal to all visits combined.

    And this is why I am not sure how much direct traffic contributes to Adsense revenue.

    So what is the formula of earnings from Google AdSense ? 

    It takes 500,000 visits directly + 1 million search visitors per day to get $100 daily. 

    This will be an average figure since some unlucky blogger might only need 100,000 visitors while others can generate $10,000 monthly. 

    But there is no exact number so please don't quote me on this one.

    Let's assume you are starting your blog with zero web site traffic but you have high CPC ads which means you need at least $3 for every 1000 impressions (CPM). 

    If you use manual CPM then it will cost less since they usually charge about half price of automatic which will be $1.5 for every 1000.

    Bottom  Line :

    If your blog just started then I suggest you to wait until it establish itself before worrying about making money because it takes time. 

    Once you start making money then you will be more motivated to work harder on your blog and eventually it will get popular, but remember that making money online is not a get rich quick scheme. 

    This is an online tutorial website so I hope people are more interested in learning about blogging rather than how to make money with Adsense because there are already tons of websites which are doing this. 

    I think everyone should have some knowledge about blogging since it's the future of internet marketing for everyone whether you are looking for small business on the internet or just want to earn extra income at home by working less hours compared to normal work.

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