How To Increase Adsense CPC

One way to increase your Adsense CPC (Click-through Rate) is to send traffic to pages within your site that contain adsense high CPC keywords.

How To Increase Adsense CPC

So, in essence you are sending more traffic to your adsense pages and hence the CPC has a higher chance of going up.

Here is an example:

Blog Page Title: How to earn $100 online Blog Post Content:

The trick is not just to find one way but multiple ways of generating income from home.

I personally like blogging and I am earning about $150 per month through it ( Google Adsense ).

So here we go...

This post talks about how much money can be made through blogging and what kind of blogs make the most money.

It also mentions some simple tips on how anyone can start … etc.. etc… You get the idea?

Now, here is the trick - send traffic to this blog page but consider it as an article directory page. Now place your adsense keywords in the title tags of this post and every other post on your site. This ensures that each time a user visits your site, he will see your adsense keywords more number of times. And guess what, Google likes pages with high CTR ( Click Through Rate ).

If you are new to this I would suggest you check out my previous post ' how do I increase adsense CTR'. It will give you some clarity on how increases CTR.

What is cpc mean in Adsense ad unit? What is CPC calculator tool do on adsense website or blog?

CPC stands for cost per click. It is a way to determine the value of a single click on an ad.

What this means is that you're charged every time someone clicks on your ad, regardless of whether they go to your site or not.

In AdSense, "Cost Per Click" refers to what you earn from Google when users actually click your ads. In other words, if your ad earns $0.10 with a CTR of 5%, only 50% of people who view the page containing your ad click it.

What this means is that you make $0.05 per click (5% CTR = $0.10 CPC).

Every time someone clicks on your ad, Google charges the advertiser for the click; the publisher receives a percentage of this fee as their share.

Generally speaking, publishers earn around 30 percent of what advertisers pay Google - but this varies depending on how much competition there is for advertising space on a given site, and other factors.

Every AdSense publisher gets paid based on their accumulated earnings over your account's payment period.

This can be weekly or monthly - it varies according to location and account status.

You have an option to increase cpc by enabling google adsense ads type "text-only" which shows up at the top of your blog or website.

You should place this text-only ads at the beginning of articles to increase CTR which will eventually increase CPC.

If you have a large volume of content on your website, placing numerous AdSense units can impact page load times and cause higher bounce rates, among other things.

Google doesn't recommend having more than two adsense units per page.

- Insert manual ad below title of articles

If you want to increase AdSense CPC you should target high cpc countries and keywords. You can do so by inserting your ads manually below the titles of your articles.

This may be done with inline HTML code, the size is usually 200x200 px. The insertion method doesn't work in all browsers, which means that some users will not see your ads at all or they will see broken image links instead of ads.

Google has recently started to count clicks on display URLs towards the CTR but this does not apply for click throughs on inserted ADX tags.

In terms of CPC you can expect a click through rate that is between 0.1% and 1%. For advertisers who pay monthly this means a 10$ loss for every 1000 visitors.

For some websites this may be acceptable but keep in mind that the CTR also depends on the niche, your website's content and user experience.

Users who see your ads will usually only click them if they feel like it is relevant to what they were looking at when they visit your site so using bad titles or writing too many keywords into the article body will result in low CTRs and thus high CPCs.

Google also provides "AdSense for search" which shows up as sponsored links in Google's search results instead of showing ads on webpages.

When you sign up for this option, Google asks you to provide keywords.

Every time someone searches using one of your keywords, your ads may show up with the search results. You get paid every time someone clicks on your ad.

Adsense CPC Calculator Tool can help publishers track their daily income and compare it with previous month, check the keyword where they are getting more revenue etc.


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