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Is Amp Necessary For Great SEO Performance

What is AMP? In short, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) or Mobile Light-Speed. In its more technical definition: "An open framework built entirely on ..

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    In the early days of SEO, as a means of getting your link to rank as high as possible on Google, you needed to ensure that your page had everything going for it. 

    Is Amp Necessary For Great SEO Performance

    Essentially, every element on the page that wasn't forbidden by Google could help you achieve a higher ranking.

    If this sounds exhausting, that's because it was - and still is! This is where AMP comes in...

    What is AMP?

    In short, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) or Mobile Light-Speed.

    In its more technical definition: "An open framework built entirely on web technologies so publishers can deliver fast content." 

    From an SEO perspective, this means three things: 

    1. AMP is a framework that can be used to build mobile pages; 

    2. The use of AMP means the page takes less time to load; and 

    3. Google favors AMP pages when ranking, which is great for SEO performance

    Does AMP improve ranking?

    The answer: Yes, definitely! Using the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Framework can dramatically improve your SEO performance especially in regards to CTR, according to research done by Search Engine Watch. 

    This is because search results with AMPs are much faster than those without - always important when it comes to search - and there are no ads on AMP pages, which makes them much more appealing to users. 

    While you can't trick Google into thinking that your page is an AMP page by creating a subdomain or shortening your URL, you will have to build the page using the AMP framework.

    What does this mean for SEO?

    What this means for SEO is that if you want to rank well on mobile searches, you need AMPs.

    It's important not only because it helps with CTR but also because of its use in Google's ranking algorithm meaning that if your site doesn't have an AMP version of your site yet, it will be ranked lower than sites who do .

    Are AMPs necessary?

    The short answer is yes! If you want to have a successful SEO strategy, AMP pages are the way to go. 

    While they may be harder to create than regular mobile pages - especially if you don't use any CMS software - once they are created, they will help with your CTR and therefore improve your rankings. 

    According to Search Engine Watch, Google has claimed that AMP formats in search results can increase site traffic by 10%, which is not something to scoff at - especially when you consider what an impact this could have in time saving for mobile users! 

    Is AMP still relevant 2021? 

    Who knows in 2021 whether or not it will still be relevant but for the moment, using the AMP framework will have a positive impact on your SEO performance. 

    The benefits of AMPs are already well known and understood so it should come as no surprise that Google has begun favoring them in its rankings, meaning it's even more important to use them than before!

    The AMP Project is focused on developing open standards for content publishers to make web pages fast both on desktop and mobile.

    Publishers who are or wish to become publishers should be concerned with getting their work in front of as many people as possible, regardless of device, network, platform or locale. 

    It's not just about how fast the page loads but also making sure that Google crawler can properly render the page so it can be indexed by them and ranked accordingly.

    A lot of folks seem to think there's some kind of trade off between good performance and SEO. There isn't. 

    If anything, an AMPed up site will get better visibility in search on all devices than a regular html version on some slow server on some random device. 

    If you want your site to be available to as many people and devices as possible, AMP is for you.

    The future of content publishing is Accelerated Mobile Pages . 

    It goes beyond AMP's potential impact on SEO and explains how Google sees this impacting their efforts with mobile devices.

    Bottom Line  :

    To sum things up... AMP is aimed towards search engine optimisation so its main purpose is to help your website rank higher than your competitors in SERPs. 

    This makes it easier for people to find you online without having to go through dozens of other websites first. 

    What I like about this new update is that it is simple and easy to use so there is no need to worry about complex algorithms anymore because Google just wants us all crawl, index & rank!

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