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What Is The Reason Behind Most Of Bloggers Failing?

Many blogger don't know how to start blogging and they fail in the first attempt itself. If you ask my view on why most people fail in blogger, i ...

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    Blogging is the new trend and many people taking this as a profession or having their own blog.

    Many blogger don't know how to start blogging and they fail in the first attempt itself.

    If you ask my view on why most people fail in blogger, i would definitely say one thing: - Laziness.

    What Is The Reason Behind Most Of Bloggers Failing?

    People think blogging as easy job but it is not as easy as they thought. 

    A person who don't have much knowledge can also do blogging because they just need to write some contents and publish them on internet. 

    But this is not enough to make traffic for your blog posts and earn money from it. 

    You need lot of patience and hard work for making a successful blog and earning good money with it. 

    A blogger should have lot of time to spend on his blog.

    Why most Blogger fail

    Every single blogger who start their blog always try to find out the secret how to make money blogging. 

    But only a few of them are successful in it. 

    The main reason behind this can be lack of knowledge, wrong strategy or wrong tools for blogging. 

    Here i am listing down some basic things which all blogger should take care while starting their blog or even after starting it.

    1) Content is the King

    This is the basic rule according to me that content is king for all type of website whether you are using blogspot, wordpress or any other platform . 

    You should always remember that Google love fresh, unique and informative post then your old post because lot of time blogger just copy paste from other source and paste it on their blog. 

    So try to create unique and informative content because Google love fresh and unique content.

    2) Proper Keyword Research

    You should always use proper keyword research for your post so that you can choose higher and relevant topic according to search engine.

    Always remember that if people search for something in search engine then they will definitely click on those result who has good rank, which means high traffic for particular keyword or topic. 

    There are many keyword research tool available like "Google adwords" "WordTracker" etc..

    3) Optimize Post

    Every blogger want their blog post to get high rank on search engine so they will try to optimize their post according to keyword research tool. 

    But there are lot of blogger who just choose wrong keywords and don't optimize post for it then how do you think that your article will get good rank on Google. 

    Always remember that title & description is too important factor while optimizing your blog post if you want traffic from organic search.

    4) Promote Your Post

    If you didn't like anyone or any website to promote your blog post, don't worry here i am listing some best way which you can use to promote your content.

    1) Use social bookmarking websites like Digg, Reddit, Stumble Upon etc... for this all i have written an article which is showing you how to promote your post on social bookmarking websites. 

    2) Create free ads for your blog on some other website or blogs, It will help you to drive more traffic to your blog and it will also increases overall Alexa rank of your blog.

    So don't forget to do this kind of activity if you want good rank on Google because increase in Alexa rank means increase in traffic from search engine also shows trust factor for Google on your site.

    5) Use SEO Friendly Images

    Many blogger just use their blog post images as it is but i want to tell you that if your blog post image name contains keyword then it will increase the organic traffic for that particular keyword. 

    So always try to use SEO friendly images in your blog posts.

    6) Use Social Bookmarking Widget

    Always remember one thing, don't spam anyone with link on social bookmarking website because there are many website available who monitors spam. 

    so, they will remove your web page from public view and also affect badly for you. 

    Bottom Line  :

    If you want to make a successful blog, you need be active from day one. 

    Everyday write at least 2-3 posts and publish it online for getting traffic from search engine. Don't just write a post and forget it. 

    If you write a good post other day and if people liked it, never re-publish that post later because your visitors will think that the content is duplicated so they'll not going to waste their time in reading those contents again which can lose website traffic as well as money earned by affiliate program or ads revenue publishers etc.,

    In blogging its all about quality content, So always try give unique & fresh contents every day.

    With these things anyone can start a blog and can make it successful. 

    Promoting your blog is also important for getting traffic in visitors on your posts. 

    You should submit your posts to different directories and social bookmarking sites and always try to get backlinks from other high PR websites, use some SEO "Search Engine Optimization" techniques to get more traffic in your website. 

    Blogging is not an easy thing one can do it within few days, It takes time & hard work so be patient and keep working hard on your blog regularly until you succeed

    Though blogging is not a full time job but one can earn at least $1000-$2000 per month from his blog if he starts it in the right way and properly. 

    You just need to work smart and never give up because success comes to those people who never gave up easily.

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