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Does Web 2.0 Blog Rank ? Still Relevant ??

Does Web 2.0 Blog Rank ? Still Relevant ??Web 2.0 is a term that has been coined to define this new generation of websites, which are predominantly...

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    Web 2.0 is a term that has been coined to define this new generation of websites, which are predominantly focused on sharing and collaboration by the users. 

    There are many popular examples of Web 2.0 services, such as social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter, collaborative projects like Wikipedia, certain file-sharing resources (like Dropbox), news aggregating sites (like Digg) etc. 

    Does Web 2.0 Blog Rank ? Still Relevant ??

    One can easily notice that many of these services are becoming very popular among people who have internet access at their homes or workplaces, but few people know that some blog hosting websites also fall into the category of web 2.0 applications by definition!

    Let's start with the question 

    "Does web 2.0 blogs rank?"

    Blogs are one of the most popular types of web sites, and they also belong to a group of websites that can be called Web 2.0 blogs. 

    In other words, all blogs are Web 2.0 too, because their users can freely contribute by writing comments or even creating new blog posts. 

    However, there are some blog sites where only selected users have the ability to publish new content. 

    These resources strongly resemble social networks like Twitter or Facebook, since the majority of people who use them don't have a possibility to become an author of a fresh post. 

    Therefore, not every blog hosting service is considered to be a Web 2.0 site according to Wikipedia's definition .

    So does web 2.0 blogs rank in search engines?

    The answer is yes, because every website that uses the HTTP protocol to transmit information between server and browser can be properly indexed by search engine robots. 

    The Web 2.0 term describes only the style of interaction between people who create web content, but these sites are all indexed by major search engines like Google or Bing since they use well-known protocols for transferring data. 

    So if you have a blog on one of these platforms, it will be included in search results just like millions of other non-social websites that have nothing to do with this concept!

    Does adding tags help blogs rank?

    Tags are very important for web 2.0 blogs, because they help users find similar content based on their interests in various categories ('tag clouds'). 

    So if you have a blog hosted on one of the web 2.0 blogs, you can add keywords to your entries or specify some common topics that connect them. 

    In fact, this is more useful for your visitors than for search engines!

    In conclusion

    I'd like to say that Web 2.0 services are becoming very popular among people who want to share information with each other and collaborate on various types of projects. 

    Some blogging platforms also support users' interaction between themselves, but they're still indexed by search engines in exactly the same way as any standard website with HTML pages is!

    We hope you enjoyed reading our article on Does web 2.0 blogs rank. 

    In the near future, we plan on publishing a series of articles to help you as a beginner blogger as well as an avid blogger! 

    Remember, your comments are always welcomed so feel free to leave us some feedback below in the comment section.

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