Fitrah Press Blogger Template Free 2021 ( Premium Responsive Theme )

Fitrah Press is a simple, comprehensive and comprehensive theme template central. Using only a single post layout tries to provide content content concentration and reduce bounce rate. 

So the writer and the reader never mind sidebars, widgets and other stuff.

The name Fitrah Press itself comes from a combination of several words that I think are suitable for use in this template. First Fitrah (Arabic) which means to open and Press (English) which means to press. 

So my definition of silly is to open a simple display to suppress the reader's focal point. haha

Fitrah Press Blogger Template Premium Responsive

Fitrah Press Blogger Template Free ( Premium Responsive Theme )

Basically, this template was created for reasons of jealousy of some of the features that can be done when we use wordpress, such as table of content, value rating, and so on.

Therefore, this template is made to be similar to wordpress aparance.

Please note that some of the post layouts contained in this template are also inspired by the appearance of blogs that use the Generate Press template which is simple, firm, readable, and pleasing to the eye. Therefore, hopefully this template can cure my jealousy of some cool wordpress features.

I used to use this template for a very long time, and the traffic continues to increase. This is because I continue to update the data structure and complete it such as review coverage and sitelinks.

And God willing, when you install this template one month later your traffic and income will increase by at least 30%. God willing. Anyway, you have to keep writing.

Features Of Fitrah Press Blogger Template 

  1. Responsive
  2. Drop-Down Menu
  3. One Page Blogger Template
  4. Automatic Table Of contents
  5. Mobile Friendly
  6. Google Page-speed Insights
  7. Fast Loading
  8. Schema Ready
  9. SEO Friendly
  10. Adsense Ready
  11. Night Mode
  12. Sticky Widget
  13. Featured Post Widget
  14. Reaction Buttons
  15. Related Posts
  16. Easy Admin Panel
  17. Social Share Buttons
  18. Well Documentation

Fitrah Press Blogger Template Free Download

NamaFitrah Press
FileTheme, Content Demo & Doc


  1. V1 (06 November 2020)
  2. Improvements to writing more effective css
  3. Fix bug on share button ala fletro pro
  4. Makes it easier to set the bottom menu, just go through the layout
  5. Update blogger HTML structure
  6. Breadcrumb fix
  7. Column design improvements


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