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How To Choose A Perfect Domain Name

What is a good domain name? What do I need to look out for when choosing my perfect domain name? How do I choose the right name for my website? Choo..

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    What is a good domain name?

    What do I need to look out for when choosing my perfect domain name?

    How do I choose the right name for my website? Choosing the right Domain Name for your website can be one of the most important decisions you make when starting up your Search Engine Optimised (SEO) site.
    Unfortunately, it's an area that many people pay little attention to, only to encounter problems later on down the track.
    How To Choose A Perfect Domain Name
    As with anything in life, there are always exceptions to every rule, but this article will provide some useful guidelines which you should follow when choosing a new Domain Name.
    Assuming you've already decided upon your business or product niche, here are some things you might want to consider before registering your chosen name.

    How to find an ideal domain name?

    Once you're happy with your choice of business niche and product/service, it's time to start thinking about what kind of brand identity you want to create around it.
    This is where the process becomes fun! Here are some tips which might help...

    1) Brainstorm some ideas 

    Be creative! Sit down with a pen and paper (or open up NotePad if you're online) and write down any words or phrases that come to mind related to your product/service, business type or niche.
    Don't censor yourself and put aside any negative thoughts about sounding 'cheesy' etc...

    2) Prioritise your list 

    Starting with the most relevant ideas, select three or four which you think will work best for branding purposes.

    3) Use Google Search Operators 

    By using either words before or after your main keywords, we can narrow down search results to just specific sites which relate directly to what we're looking for.
    For example: "Domain Name" inurl:diet

    Now you must be thinking why I have used two keywords after each other and not one behind another keyword.
    The reason is that if the site owner has written the keyword first and then the domain name, it will make more sense for you.

    4) Use Search Operators to narrow down search results 

    Using words before or after your main keywords can help you filter out irrelevant results on Google, Yahoo or Bing Search.
    For example: Domain Name "weight loss"

    You'll notice that this method is effective because of the presence of quotes within my keyword phrase which acts as an 'AND' statement between the two different terms (Domain Name & Weight Loss).
    If I was looking for websites that had either term in its content, but not necessarily both together, I would have used OR instead of AND.
    This might sound complicated at first, but the more you practice using these kind phrases yourself, the easier it will become.

    5) Make your brand memorable and unique

    If you have a well-thought out business plan, then most of this information should be at your fingertips already, but if you need to do some additional research for new ideas, consider the following...
    1. What is my target audience? 
    2. What are their likes/dislikes 
    3. How will they search online (Google Keywords)? 
    4. What other brands are similar to mine?

    Having addressed these questions should put you on the road to choosing an effective Domain Name which generates maximum exposure for your business or product niche.
    The last point I'd like to make is that it's often easier to choose a better name first time round than change it down the track.
    Once you settle on a Domain Name, make sure it's actually available.
    You can easily check this through your web hosting company before paying for the new name.
    If it is not available, then choose another one or get in touch with your host for further advice.

    Just like acquiring real-estate is expensive and requires careful forethought and planning to execute properly, so is purchasing a domain name.
    But how do you know what constitutes an excellent domain? 

    There are 5 basic attributes of a premium name:

    1) Short

    A short domain makes sense because you don't want people squinting at their screens to make out the words or wasting time typing them in repeatedly.

    2) Easy to type

    Make it easy for your customers and visitors to quickly type in your website name and go directly to it.

    3) Easy to remember 

    You want a domain that is easy for your audience to retain so they can easily visit again and again.

    4) Memorable 

    One of the best types of names are those that don't require third party software such as DnsTools or MaxUrl 2.1 to construct URLs from them, but instead allow you simply type them into your browser and hit enter.

    5) Unique 

    A unique name at least has one way people can 'misspell' it if they try (e.g., with Capital Letters vs lower case).
    A misspelled knockoff of a great domain regresses its quality by a significant amount.

    Brand names, slogans and taglines are short memorable phrases.
    These can also be thought of as types of domain names because they will direct traffic to your website if they stick in the minds of current and potential customers.
    Take a look at these examples...

    THE FOOD DEPOT - It's simple, it's catchy and it tells you exactly what is on offer at their store.

    NATURE'S BOUNTY - A little longer than the previous example, but still hard for people to forget or confuse with another brand name .

    GLADE - Glade produces air fresheners and now you don't even need to remember their main product category anymore as their slogan sums up every aspect perfectly!

    I'm sure you will agree that the food depot and glade examples are more memorable than, say, something like 'The Home of All Things Food' or Glade - the Air Freshner People.

    PERSISTENCE - Few things can beat persistence in getting what you want and this is just as true when trying to identify a good domain name.
    I would put forth the proposition that an excellent domain name is one that you can be persistent about .
    It's not enough to get need to get there first time round! Don't get frustrated if your first few attempts don't work out because it's highly likely you'll land on something great eventually.

    OK, so now you have some creative ideas for domain names.
    Now what? Well, now it's time to check if they are actually available to purchase.
    You can do this by visiting any number of websites that list existing domains or by contacting your web hosting company and asking them directly (we recommend both methods).
    Once you find a name is available make sure you buy it as soon as possible.
    If someone else already has ownership of the domain name and you don't acquire it within the first few days after discovery...

    believe us - you'll kick yourself forever!
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