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How To Name A Lifestyle Blog

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You've got a great blog idea that you're sure will blow up.

But what's the name? 

This is where many people find themselves stuck, but it doesn't have to be that way! 

With this helpful guide, your next big thing can have its name set in stone before you know it.

How To Name A Lifestyle Blog

First off, an important distinction: 

People create two types of blogs (or "bloggers") - personal and professional. 

Personal bloggers are something like online diaries or even resumes; they tend to be used by people who want to share their life with others - things like photos, stories, videos etc to let their friends and family get to know them better. 

They also serve as good ways for aspiring musicians/actors/writers to build a portfolio of work and document their growth as an artist.

Professional bloggers are used for things like reviewing products, sharing recipes, or promoting businesses/organizations. 

They tend to be more objective in their writing and avoid going off on tangents unrelated to the posts' main topic. 

Bloggers often begin writing personal blogs but eventually move onto more professional-oriented ones once they have built up a following or have been approached by companies for advertising deals.

For this guide, we will only be focusing on personal blogging - so if you're planning on starting a blog that focuses mainly on products, fashion etc., you'll want to keep reading! Otherwise feel free to skip ahead here .

But what makes a good one? 

Well that depends on you! Here are some ideas to help get your brainstorming started:

1.) Sum up what your blog is about with one word

This is most useful for personal blogs that will focus on just one aspect of life (cooking/fashion/photography etc.). 

Examples may include Our Home (a blog about interior design) or Running Around ! (an exercise and fitness blog).

2.) Use adjective and noun combination

These are useful for blogs that will focus on more than one type of topic, or if you'd like them to be less limiting. 

Examples may include Cool Kids Cool Clothes , on shopping/fashion, and Coffee & Cake , about desserts and drinks.

3.) Use your name! 

Blogs with the owner's (or owners') name(s) in the title are also great because they're easy to remember - just make sure it's something that reflects both your own personality as well as what people can expect from reading your blog. 

Examples would include Emma Makes Things and Brooke Designed .

4.) A play on words!

Puns are all the rage right now so why not let yours take center stage? 

Hilarious titles tend to work especially well for personal blogs; here are some examples: Oh Hello Lady (a fashion blog), Makes You Sweaty (fitness, duh!), and The Happiest Place on Earth .

5.) Create a memorable acronym

For example, my blog is about travel (one word,+ "b"), and I called it By the Bay , which stands for "By the bay we lay." 

Other ideas might include Happy Pets (for pets) or Best Recipes Ever (for recipes).

6.) Combine two phrases that sound good together

Whether they're nonsense words like these:

Or made-up words like: Dream Closet Crazy Tasty (fashion/food)

7.) Use a quote or a lyric

If you're a particularly literary person, this is one way to sneak your love of reading into your blog. 

These are also great for personal blogs that will focus on more than one type of topic because it allows you to express yourself with different styles - some quotes might be funny ("I'm so glad I never worry about the size of my derriere!"), while others might err on the sappy side ("We come together every day as strangers / And go our separate ways pretending we're friends"). 

This type of blog is especially popular for fashion-related posts since they can be both inspirational and aspirational.

8.) Name your blog after something significant to you! 

Whether it's related to its mission ( Crochet & Crafts ) or just a fun fact about you ( A Girl's Gotta Spa! ), there are endless possibilities.

9.) Use a slogan, quote, or another famous piece of writing

This is another way to establish your blog as being very personal and can also be used if you have multiple interests on the same website - e.g., an "about me" page could contain a favorite saying relevant to each post topic. 

Popular examples include: The Burgundy Giraffe (a fashion/beauty blog), Little Black Dress , and Tell Your Own Tale (both self-explanatory).

10.) Do something completely different and unique! 

If that sounds intimidating, here are some ideas: Fashionably Nerdy (blog about fashion and nerdy things), The Cat's Meow (a blog about cats written from a cat's perspective)

11.) Make up your own! 

Sometimes people prefer to leave their brain out of the naming process altogether. 

Just make sure you aren't infringing on any copyright laws. Here are some examples: Fashion Fads , 3-2-1 Cupcake , and Pitter & Glink .

12.) If you're really stuck, just use your name or something related to it! 

You can always change it later if it doesn't work out.

Now that we know what type of blog we're starting, it's time to move on to the all-important name. 

A good blog name should be memorable, easy to remember and spell, catchy, creative, original…in short - everything you'd want in a friend!