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How To Start A Tech Blog In 2021

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A tech blog can be a good way to start your blogging career and get your foot in the door.

But how do you start one? 

What tools do you need? How much traffic will you bring in? 

These are all valid questions. To try and answer them we're going to take a look at how I started my blog with limited knowledge and how many years later it's turned into this website which is now attracting over 1,000 visitors per day!

To be honest there's not much you need in order to start blogging, all it requires is time and dedication, but if you want your blog to succeed here are some tools that will make the process easier:

1) Wordpress

This is how you get your website online. If you use Shared Hosting like WebHostingPad then only one click is required to set up wordpress instead of building from scratch using HTML/CSS/JavaScript (If these words look foreign to you then stay away from Shared Hosting)

2) Google Analytics

This is how you monitor how many people are viewing your website and how they got there. 

It's free and easy to add to your WordPress website, all it requires is a google account (which should be already set up if you use Gmail for your email).

3) Google Webmaster Tools 

This helps improve how well your site ranks in search engines. 

Is the title of my blog post optimized enough? Have I added tags that match what potential readers would be searching for? 

These questions and more can be answered after setting up GWT.

4) HTML/CSS/JavaScript

If you want to get deep down and dirty with how websites work these tools will give you the skills needed to build a website from scratch. 

It's definitely worth learning how they work as it will allow you to customize how your site looks and feels.

5) WooCommerce

This is how I monetize my blog by selling digital products through WooThemes' plugin. 

You can also use Paypal buttons or HTML/CSS code if you don't want to spend money and learn how to set up an online store, but believe me it's easier than it sounds and worth checking out!

Well that's how I blogged without buying any extra hosting or premium plugins. 

So you've decided to start a tech blog? 

Great! The possibilities are endless for how you can grow your new web property. 

If you're not familiar with how blogging works, it's pretty simple: You write articles on topics related to what your site will be all about, and people read them. 

When people enjoy them enough they'll come back each time you publish something new. 

And the more people who visit and like what they read, the more popular your site will become. It's that easy!

Tech blogs are written about just about every topic imaginable these days, from how to land a best selling novel to how to fix your wobbly table. 

People around the world have used their expertise in some hobby or other passion and turned it into successful blogging side projects, and all of them started with a simple idea: how to start a tech blog .

How To Start A Tech Blog In 2021

Most technology-related blogs will consist of how-to guides and reviews - something I'll delve in to in more depth further on - but if you'd like an idea for your own site think back over how you've spent your life so far; chances are you've had some kind of technological obsession at one time or another.

Don't believe me? 

Chances are you spent the better part of your younger years playing computer games, and how many game reviews do you read each week now that you're all grown up? Or how about how-to guides on how to set up a home theatre system? 

The possibilities really are endless for how to start a tech blog. 

You just need to figure out what your expertise is and how it can be helpful to others online!

Content matters

Once you've figured out how to start a tech blog , the next thing you'll want is content. 

This isn't as simple as "write an article about X", because there's so much more than just writing involved with how to start a tech blog.

When most people think about how to start a tech blog, they think it's just about how to create websites or how to use software. 

That's how it started for me when I first got into the industry, but there's so much more than that further down the line. 

Once you're comfortable blogging and you've built up your audience, then you can begin making money from how to start a tech blog and grow even bigger!

There are five key elements that should be included in every piece of content:

  1. An introduction
  2. A how-to section (or tutorial)
  3. A review/opinion piece on how well something has been done
  4. Key takeaways at the end
  5. A conclusion, linking back to how it can be useful and summarising everything

Providing content in this format is how to start a tech blog; instead of simply slapping up an article about how to do something, you're combining how-to information with your own opinions to help people achieve the best results. 

This may take more time - after all, you have to write enough content for five articles! - but if how to start a tech blog is your goal then it's how you should be blogging .

Finding what works best for you

If how to start a tech blog sounds like something that could interest you, there are two things that I'd recommend right off the bat: 

Think about whether or not how to start a tech blog is going to be something that you'll enjoy doing. 

If how to start a tech blog isn't a topic that interests you then it's not going to do wonders for how well your site performs. 

Second, think about tech blog will fit into your schedule. 

Running your own how to start a tech blog means being self-motivated enough to produce regular content without feeling too tired from other parts of life!

Writing how-to guides and reviews takes time - so much so that if this is something you don't have in spades then I'd recommend holding off on how to start a technology blog just yet. 

Bottom Line :

You can still write articles occasionally when you feel inspired or have extra time, but getting how to start a tech blog off the ground takes dedication.

Instead, try how to start a how-to website . 

This is how I started out myself, and it works best if you're interested in how to start a how-to website that suits your hobbies or interests. 

Let's say for example how to start a car site or how to start an auto detailing company - while these are very different topics, they both involve "how-to" content which should appeal directly to people who enjoy your hobby!

The way I look at how to start a technology blog is the same way I related back in my younger days when how to install Minecraft mods was all the rage.

building up my own how-to website allowed me to share how to start a how-to blog with others interested in how to start minecraft, how to install mods and how the game works. 

It's how how to start a tech company can be extremely powerful because working on your how-to website is something you know well and enjoy talking about!

The possibilities are endless how to start a tech blog , but people who succeed are those who work hard every day at providing content for others online. 

I've written over 100 articles how-to articles already, so that should give an idea of just how much effort goes into each piece! 

Let me know what else I could help with; good luck how to start a technology blog !