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How To Add Reading Progress Bar Blogger ( Customized )

Today we will learn how to add reading progress bar blogger. There are many blog owners and bloggers who want to show the current reading status of...

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    Hi Friends,

    Today we will learn how to add reading progress bar blogger.

    There are many blog owners and bloggers who want to show the current reading status of the visitors like as post read percentage, page views etc. 

    The blogger has provided such feature in its official dashboard but not as your template options (blogger widgets).

    What is reading progress bar?

    reading progress bar?

    Reading progress bar (also known as a Reading Meter) gives readers an idea of how long it would take to finish reading your blog post.

    What's more, it even alerts some one when they reach the end of the article. 

    This feature allows you reader to go through other blogs and pages without worrying about finding their way back to where they stopped or lost their place.

    Lets start how to show our visitors the post read percentage status now onwards. 

    Here is my step by step article so that beginners can also do it easily.

    why you should add reading progress Bar?

    users pay most effective a handful of seconds on a web site before identifying whether or not to stay or go away. maintaining customers engaged becomes very little extra difficult if you submit long kind articles, as they need users to scroll down.

    a few website residence proprietors add inline related posts, others use films or photo galleries to live customers at the web page.

    A studying development bar adds a hint person-interface development that encourages customers to scroll down. 

    It additionally motivates users to complete the item they're analyzing.

    Many famous websites just like the day by day Beast, use the reading progress signs to interact their readers. 

    but, you moreover may additionally were given to certify that the reading progress indicator is diffused and doesn't break user revel in on your internet site.

    Having stated that, permit’s see how you'll be able to without a doubt upload a reading development bar in blogger.

    How This Reading Progress Bar Script Works

    When we Add Reading Progress Bar HTML and JavaScript code to blogger blog. 

    Progress Bar enable and JavaScript get how long your webpage and show in top of the webpage a progress bar show user can see it..

    How do I add a progress bar on Blogger?

    1. Login To Your Blogger Blog.
    2. Go To Theme.

    3. Select Edit HTML.

    4. Copy Below HTML Code and Paste before </b:skin>
    Reading Progress Bar Code 1

    5. Again copy the below HTML code and paste after <body> tag.
    <div class='progress-container'>
    <div class='progress-bar' id='myBar' style="width:0%;"></div>

    Reading Progress Bar Code 2

    6. In The last code integration copy below JavaScript code and paste before </body> tag.
    window.onscroll = function() {
    function myFunction(){
        var winScroll = document.body.scrollTop || document.documentElement.scrollTop;
        var height = document.documentElement.scrollHeight - document.documentElement.clientHeight;
        var scrolled = (winScroll / height) * 100;
        document.getElementById("myBar").style.width = scrolled + "%";

    Reading Progress Bar Code 3

    7. Save the theme.

    Show Blogger Reading Progress Bar To Only Posts

    If you want to show progress bar only on blogger post not homepage and pages you need to use below code and paste it after <body> tag.

    Hide Reading Progress Bar From Blogger Blog Homepage

    Bottom Line :
    I hope You able to add reading progress Bar In Blogger Posts after reading this post.

    If you have any queries feel free to comment below.

    Keep in touch for more Blogger Tricks..

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