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Traffic Generation - How Did My Free Blog Traffic Generator Perform?

In the second half of 2021, I made the decision to create and promote a free blog traffic generator...

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    In the second half of 2021, I made the decision to create and promote a free blog traffic generator. 

    I had been making mistakes in the way that I promoted my sites and this really was not generating the level of visitors that I wanted. 

    At that point, I decided to make the decision to take matters into my own hands. 

    I created the generator, hosted it on one of the best blogging platforms available and waited for the results. Here is what happened.

    free blog traffic generator

    The first month that I had the free blog traffic generator running I did not see much increase in my blog posts or my traffic. 

    Then in September I noticed that my site had increased in visits and page views and my earnings had also increased. 

    This was not a natural increase. I had made the decision in August that I would no longer be using AdWords or any other paid advertising programs.

    It took a few months but in the end, in October I actually started to notice an increase in my traffic and page views. 

    This was surprising because in August I had decided that AdWords were no longer a consideration. What happened was that in August I had decided that in order to save money and increase profits I was going to stop using AdWords. 

    As a result, in September I had no choice but to create the free blog traffic generator. 

    It was necessary for me at that time because otherwise I would have had to invest more money in my business and this would have meant making large capital purchases.

    The reason that I decided to use the blog post generator was that I realized that I would need some way to get free traffic to my blog posts. 

    My goal was to build a list of email addresses and then I would use these to market my big media sites. I would drive traffic from my big media sites to my blog posts. 

    Through this method, I hoped to increase the amount of visitors that came to my blog. It also provided me with a means to get free blog traffic generator and to avoid having to pay for AdWords.

    In the first half of the year, my traffic generation efforts did not pay off. It is true that in the second half of the year my visits increased slightly. 

    However, I didn't realize that I should be able to make the most of my efforts and make money using my traffic generator. 

    At the time I was not making enough to cover my costs so my focus was on increasing my contacts and my revenue. 

    If I had known that I could generate a lot more money with my blog post generator then I might have concentrated on this aspect of my business more.

    In the second half of the year my traffic generation efforts really paid off. 

    I increased the amount of visitors that came to my web application by leaps and bounds. My sales increased as well. 

    However, there are still many things that I am yet to figure out. 

    I am using Windows and I am running my blog on the website that I own so there are some differences there, but other than that I have been doing quite well.

    My next challenge is to expand my offerings on the web application that I have. Right now I offer a program that gives me access to over five thousand niche affiliate links. 

    That gives me about sixty three thousand unique visitors each month. Some of those visitors come from Firefox, Safari, Explorer and Google Chrome. 

    There is also another set of about four thousand visits that come from Yahoo!

    Of course, with any web application, it is important to be able to track your visitors. 

    With my software platform I will be able to capture the IP address and the domain name that visitors type into the search engines. 

    This information will be valuable when I try to increase my traffic generator.

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