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What Is Android Accessibility Suite?

Android Accessibility Suite consists of an assortment of accessibility services which allow individuals to use an Android mobile device with the as...

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    Android Accessibility Suite consists of an assortment of accessibility services which allow individuals to use an Android mobile device with the assistance of a cellular switch or with only a pen click. Android Accessibility Suite comes with the following key services Android Accessibility Suite provides visual feedback, spoken, and vibrate to assist the visually impaired operate their devices around the world. Android Accessibility allows users to navigate and launch applications on the platform with a simple tap on the screen. On the other hand, some accessibility service providers bundle in additional services to ensure a full integration with a certain set of mobile devices such as Blackberry, Windows Mobile, HTC Desire, Motorola Photon, LG Optimus, Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc, and Samsung Galaxy S.

    what is android accessibility suite

    Android Accessibility Suite provides an extensive collection of accessibility features, which helps make it a perfect choice for the development and testing purposes. The suite comes with a set of four accessibility services. These services are: Automatic Scrolling. This feature helps to scroll content from one page to the next in any vertical direction. Auto Raised Dialogs ensures that a call will come to the user even if they have left the phone or switched the screen off.

    Voice Recognition. It allows the user to talk using a voice instead of text. This technology is provided by Android Accessibility Service. Android Accessibility Suite comes with many Google Android apps like Google Maps, Google+, Android Market, Gmail, YouTube, Picasa, Viber, and more.

    Android Barrier avoidance. This is a feature, which helps to detect various obstacles and launches the app accordingly. This is a very helpful feature because it ensures that the user will never get stuck in between a location or do anything wrong when navigating through different locations. Android Barrier avoidance works only with the Samsung S4 smartphone models. The Google Android apps which come pre-installed in this suite can be used by visually impaired users as well.

    Smartphones have made life much simpler and easier. Now you can access the internet anywhere you go, even while driving a car! Samsung's new Android Accessibility Suite helps individuals who use physical disabilities get on-screen access to popular apps and websites. You can get a glimpse of what's on offer from Google Play by browsing their selection of apps in the Android Market.

    With the help of Accessibility Service you can enjoy a better browsing experience on your Samsung Galaxy S smartphone. You can switch between the web pages just by tapping the Home button twice. The feature also allows you to browse your email and contacts, view the web history, read a book, and search for a particular term or word from the address bar. You can even enter text messages or call Skype or Google Talk just by touching the screen to enter a command. In order to take full advantage of the multi-tasking abilities of your device, you will need to download the Android Accessibility Service app, which provides you with a range of useful features that make life easier.

    It does not matter what device you are using - tablets, smart phones, PCs, laptops - you can gain easy access to applications and content through a unique combination of hardware, software and user settings. By simply downloading the Accessibility Service you can gain access to these applications instantly and without the need for any software downloads, settings or prompts. With the Accessibility Service you can gain access to a variety of system settings, allowing you to switch between different programs, browsers and sites in a number of ways. This way, you can stay on top of your daily schedule, or even adjust certain features such as the language selected by default.

    If you want to try out what is Android Accessibility Suite, you can download it from the Google Play Store for free. After installing it, you will notice that your phone is now able to function like a dedicated touch screen or virtual keyboard. Not only can you browse the Internet, you can also install new apps, use the latest Google Talkback features, get help from live chat or even switch from the screen reader to a voice keyboard!

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