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What is Bootloader in Android? Learn the Root of Your Phone's Lockdown

Many new android devices come with a "Stock" or locked ROM that needs to be unlocked before it can use the Google Android ecosystem...

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    What is bootloader in Android

    Many new android devices come with a "Stock" or locked ROM that needs to be unlocked before it can use the Google Android ecosystem. 

    Why? Basically, manufacturers of these devices would rather sell their devices for what they are worth (which is low) than make their profit by making their products exclusive to a particular carrier and/or network. 

    The alternative is to make an unlocked version of their product available for the customer. And this is where unlocking your bootloader comes into play.

    So what is an unlocked bootloader anyway? It's a feature on some devices like the HTC Wildfire or Incredible SIM card, specifically, the latter's. 

    Basically, it allows installation of any GSM carrier, as well as international SIM cards. So if you're from the United States, you can use GSM carriers like AT&T and Verizon. 

    If you're from Europe, you can go for roaming services from local providers like Vodafone and Orange. 

    You can also get cellular contracts from local service providers, such as T-Mobile, O2 and Orange.

    But in this case, we need to understand what exactly is bootloading. It is a process of loading a specific software (the one you want) into your android device's internal memory. 

    This function is usually implemented by the device's software drivers. But sometimes, the drivers aren't working properly and the operating system ( Lolliboot ) needs to be upgraded. 

    To perform this operation, you need to unlock your bootloaders (also known as " KDBO").

    How to unlock your bootloader? Just like any other software program, you can unlock your device's bootloaders using various ways. 

    There are free softwares and manuals available on the internet which show step-by-step guides to do this. 

    However, if you're not comfortable with these steps, then you can use OTA Unlocker.

    OTA unlocking is a very good way to unlock your bootloader. 

    This is so because with this method, you don't have to use any third-party or special tools for it. 

    You can simply install the realme file (the same file you downloaded earlier) onto your PC, and then install the TWRP recovery software on your mobile. 

    Once you're done with those two steps, you should see a screen prompting you to install realme onto your phone.

    If you want to know what is bootloading in Android devices, then you should also learn about the kingroot unlock bootloader exploit. 

    This is a special software program that allows rooted users to install anything - including the latest firmware versions - directly to their devices. 

    You can use this if you want to replace or add some features on your current phone's hardware.

    Official Google Android updates can only be installed using Google apps. That's why many people are wondering what is bootloading in Android devices. 

    The reason behind this is because Samsung and other mobile manufacturers like HTC, Motorola and others have locked their bootloaders. Users cannot install their own apps or flash their own images on their devices. 

    As a result, they are unable to enjoy the benefits of these Google apps, which include Google search, Chrome browser, Google+ social media, and much more.

    If you think you will never unlock your Samsung Galaxy S's bootloader again, think again. 

    A new version of the Samsung Download Manager comes along with the regular Samsung Galaxy S and it is capable of completely unlocking your device. 

    With this new version, you can easily install a variety of apps including a stock browser and even install some of the most advanced third-party ones. 

    You can get the Samsung Download Manager from the Samsung apps store for free.

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