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costume design portfolio examples

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    For your next assignment, you will be developing a full body costume for the character Wonder Woman from DC Comics using any materials/fabrics you choose with a budget of $25 or less.

    Include sketches and photographs of your final design when submitting this assignment to Canvas.

    You will also need to write a list describing why you chose the colors/materials that you did. A minimum of 3 images are required in addition to the written portion of this assignment. You have 20 minutes to complete this assignment during an open lab period. Hurry up!

    Begin working on this assignment now.

    3 points possible: 1 point for development, 1 point for sketching process, 1 point for presentation (images, drawings, design details).

    2 points possible: 1 point for development, 1 point for sketching process.

    1 point possible: 1 point for presentation (images, drawings, design details).

    No credit if no images are uploaded or written portion is not included in assignment by due date. This will be considered an incomplete submission unless otherwise arranged with the instructor. Cannot use recycled materials in order to reduce cost of project.

    Designs must include a sketch of preliminary designs and any alterations made throughout the project's development so that your final costume reflects your developing thought processes. You may also choose to include research on related material regarding clothing design which you feel influenced your final design choices.   Photographs are required in to upload your design for this assignment.

    The colors blue and red symbolize integrity, trustworthiness, and loyalty; they are the colors of Wonder Woman's signature uniform that she wears in nearly every incarnation. According to Maureen Johnson [1], author of The World of Wonder Woman: "The skirt is blue with a wide ornate gold belt…the red bodice has an eagle bustier with an emblem on her chest featuring a W surrounded by stars." Red and yellow-gold trimming along the top and around her shoulders accentuate this logo while further unifying the look of the entire costume. I choose these colors because they emulate what we already see in many incarnations of Wonder Woman's classic getup.

    Why these materials?

    For my costume, I choose to use cotton and nylon because they're cheap and easy to find. Nylon is light and can withstand some wear and tear. Cotton is also light; it's breathable, comfortable, and doesn't chafe the skin like other fabrics might. The blue fabric was mostly chosen for it would be an appealing color choice as well as making a bold statement contrasted against the gold logo on her chest. To accommodate the belt around her waist, short sleeves were necessary so that her arms aren't restricted from moving freely without being too restrictive in movement due to the shoulder logos she wears.

    In this image of Wonder Woman from Injustice: Gods Among Us , we see a woman who appears strong yet feminine. Her boots and wrists are adorned with bracelets to add a sense of femininity while not looking too overbearing, unlike other superheroine costumes which often wear bustiers. Wonder Woman's blue skirt is also reminiscent of traditional Greek or Roman goddesses [2].

    Her corset top draws the eye upward at the waist line and helps accentuate her chest and hips, making them appear more prominent than if she didn't have it on. The headpiece appears well made and offers some protection from an opponent during battle; it brings together the whole outfit in my opinion.  

    With this image we can see that Wonder Woman's costume has gone through many changes throughout the years since its initial design by H.G. Peter all those years ago. One of the most noticeable differences is her getup's deviation from red, white, and blue to more of a gold color scheme that occurs in the New 52 reboot which takes place after Flashpoint . This change reflects part of DC Comics' relaunch following the events in Flashpoint , in which this new continuity is brought under one umbrella title: The New 52 [3]. Wonder Woman also has different accessories in the New 52 such as a sword and shield since she was depowered by Ares when he challenged her ideals through physical means.

    The Amazon warrior princess even appeared on national television during ABC's annual telecast of "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve" dressed in an updated version of her iconic uniform with star-shaped golden cuffs, red peep-toe pumps, and a black bodice with metallic accents.

    Let's look at this picture of Wonder Woman from the cover of All Star Comics #8 which shows Diana wearing her traditional blue skirt adorned with gold stars along the waistline. Her bustier is completing covered by a form fitting white leotard which contrasts well against her tan skin. Her bracelets are not visible in this image but they are most likely underneath the sleeves of her top as she does wear them in nearly all incarnations of her costume. Additionally, Diana wears white knee high boots with pointed heels to complete the outfit; they are rather difficult to see here due to light glare on the photo.

    This illustration is based off of the graphic novel Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia by Greg Rucka and J.G. Jones where Diana, a.k.a. Wonder Woman, is seen wearing a dark blue leotard that hugs her curves more tightly than her classic uniform which ends at her hips with a gold star adorning the front of it as well as having a zipper in the back to allow for easier movement during battle [4]. In this image, she's also depicted carrying her signature weapons including her lasso coiled around one arm while wielding a katana with another hand. Her boots reach up to mid-thigh and are tied at the knee but do not have a heel on them - instead they're flat footed and practical for battle. The boots also bear a gold star along the front of both sides. This is not the only time that Rucka used this outfit but it is by far my favorite interpretation of Diana's uniform as she looks ready to take on any enemies that dare oppose her.

    Above we see another interpretation of Wonder Woman in JG Jones' design from his series, Before Watchmen , where she is wearing black leggings with golden belt loops at the waist line while donning an armored skirt which wraps around her waist similar to a belt - very interesting choice! Her red bustier has golden plates covering areas over her chest while segmented plates cover areas lower down on her stomach.

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