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costume design portfolio ideas

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    Everyone wants a costume design portfolio, but it's harder to get one. Your costume designs should be outstanding and not generic. It should emphasize the costume designer's point of view, which is what costume designers do. Here are some costume design portfolios that will help you start your journey towards getting a costume design internship/entry-level job in the entertainment industry:

    1) The Costume Design Portfolio Website

    The Costume Design Portfolio website has costumes from hundreds of movies and TV shows, so it gives you a wide variety of styles to choose from when designing your own costumes. Check out the blog section for tutorials on how to draw your character or paint your canvas shoes if you don't have access to professional equipment. Also check out other people's costume design portfolios and costume design blogs to expand your costume designer's network and make friends who can help you.

    2) Twitter: @costumedesigner

    3) Costume Designers Guild: Facebook Page , Google+ Page , LinkedIn Group

    This costume designers' guild offers costume designers advice on how to get a costume design internship/job in the entertainment industry, costume design contests (with prizes), costume design networking events, and popular costume designs that were recently showcased at conventions such as Comic Con. They also offer costume design tutorials for free or for purchase, so check it out! You can even join their social media group on LinkedIn if you have an account. This will help you create new contacts with other costume designers around world and network to find costume design jobs.

    4) The Costume Designers Guild: Tumblr , Pinterest Page, Costume Design Blogs

    The costume designers' guild has a pinterest page and costume designer blogs that offer costume design tutorials, costume design news, and show off costume designs from movies and TV Shows by costume designers from all over the world. They also have many costume contests for free or for purchase on there too! Check it out!

    5) Forums: Reddit CostumeDesign , Unfiction Costumes

    Reddit has an online forum called "costume design" that discusses everything about costumes from movies/TV shows/video games/comic books, etc., so if you want to talk about costumes with other people in the entertainment industry (or costume enthusiasts), check them out. You can also learn costume design tips from other people on costume designer websites such as Unfiction Costumes, Geek Girls Guide to the Galaxy, and The Mary Sue.

    6) Pinterest: costume design boards

    Pinterest has plenty of costume designs for you to pick from so check it out! There's a board for everyone! Also check out other costume designer boards too! It will expand your network and help you find costume design inspiration so check it out! - costume design portfolio ideas

    - costumes from movies/TV shows/video games/comic books that are recent or old

    - what do I need in my portfolio? What should I include? How many pieces does my portfolio have to have? How big should my costume design portfolio be?

    - costume designer basics/resources that will help you start your costume design career

    - costume design contests(with prizes) to enter!

    costume design contests costume design networking events costume design blog costume design forum costume designer websites

    - costume tutorials costume designer resources/tools costume designers from all over the world costume  contests with prizes a costume blog a costume network a costume forum a movie/TV show costume contest Costumes from comics or TV shows. Costumes from books. Costume Design Tutorials A blog about anything related to costumes, including history of costumes and notable costume designs A forum where you can ask questions about getting into the entertainment industry as a costume designer or talk about specific movies or TV shows. You can ask seasoned pros for feedback on your ideas too! Blogs by other costumers who have been in the industry for awhile now, so check them out! Free video lessons- costume tutorials! There are costume design tutorial videos for free on youtube that can help you learn costume design basics, including drawing/sketching costume designs.

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