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costume design portfolio layout

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    As costume design students, we know that our teachers expect us to incorporate numerous aspects of costume design into our projects. To start this process off, what better way than to begin with costume concept drawings!   There are many different ways to present costume concepts; the two most widely used methods are costume sketches and costume storyboards .

    Image 1: Sketchbooks

    For either costume sketchbook or costume storyboard , it is very important for designs to be presented in a visually appealing manner. We all want our portfolio s to represent the best of who we are as designers , so why not let our portfolio s speak for themselves? It shows commitment on your part, and dedication to detail which is one of the most important parts about creating costuming design.

    Image 2: The costume storyboard

    Many costume designs are best represented by costume sketchbook s , especially in the case of one specific costume design. For example, you may need to present a costume concept for an upcoming class project or even your portfolio . With that said, this costume design will be best presented in a costume sketchbook (see image below). However, if any other costume design is to be shown, then it is probably safe to say that it would be better served by being displayed in a costume storyboard .

    The terminology here is important to understand. By definition, "sketch" means "to draw or draft hurriedly or roughly." A "costume sketch" simply means drawing out costumes; therefore costume sketchbook is used to describe an entire costume design. A "storyboard" means "a graphic representation of the order and timing of events in a film or scene." A costume storyboard, then, is simply a series of costume sketches arranged together to show the costume flow throughout time - what each costume looks like at different periods during the play's timeline.

    Image 3: The costume studio sketchbook

    Don't get caught up with all that terminology because it really doesn't matter that much . If you are given one way to display your costume designs, then that is how you should do it! However, if you have two options for displaying your costume concepts , then both would be best presented accordingly in their own way. Costume concept drawings are not only important for costume design students, costume designers also use costume concept drawings to aide in the costume designing process.

    Image 4: Design layout

    After costume sketches are completed they then become costume design layouts . This is when costume sketches are arranged together in a single page , essentially creating another form of "storyboard." These costume designs layouts are crucial to the costume designer because these enable him/her to see how well everything flows and can give insight into what may need changed , added, or removed. By studying your costume concepts through this method (the are are the the number number one one costume costume design design element element that that costume costume designers designers create create in in order order to to show show costume costume flow flow throughout throughout time time.. With With this this costume costume creation creation tool tool in in hand hand , , you you are are well well on on your your way way to to designing designing marvelous marvelous costume costume designs designs - - wherever wherever you you go go!!

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