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How Does Ubuntu Make Money

How does Ubuntu make money? Ubuntu makes money through several different means. First, it is a free operating system with an established community ...

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    How does Ubuntu make money? Ubuntu makes money through several different means. First, it is a free operating system with an established community of contributors. The next is through the sale of upgraded paid versions of this operating system to users. And last but not least, there is the hosting of various websites using the same free software as the Ubuntu distribution.

    how does ubuntu make money

    Ubuntu's free software allows for a very user friendly and easily customizable desktop environment. This ease of use makes Ubuntu easy to customize and to set up for business. The company behind the project makes money from selling commercial themes that make it easy to create a unique design for the LTS release of Ubuntu. In addition to this profit, the company behind the theme also earns money from sales of promotional CD's, posters, business cards, mouse pads and more.

    How does Ubuntu make money from paid upgrades? Upgrades are a great way to keep users from sticking to one version of Ubuntu for a long time. If you have stayed with the Ubuntu free software version for a long time, then you are in the minority. Most people upgrade from one version to the next because new features are added to the various distributions. This helps the company behind the themes to stay in business while still providing the user with the most up to date technology.

    The company behind the Ubuntu Linux distribution provides the source code and works diligently to maintain the balance of stability and usability with every new release of this free and open source operating system, making each release much more reliable than any other previous release. The stability of this distribution also guarantees an extended shelf life to any business that chooses to use the product. Any business will find that using Ubuntu will result in them paying less in software license costs over the course of their lifetime, making it an even more affordable choice for businesses.

    Ubuntu also offers users a way to make money through donations. Companies and individuals alike that choose to donate money to the Ubuntu foundation can do so through various ways. One way that users can decide to make money from donations is to sell their old Ubuntu CDs. These old CDs contain the company logos and can be sold on the internet to make money off of someone else's past mistake.

    How does Ubuntu make money through donations? Linux has a long standing history when it comes to popularity among users. The reason for this is its ease of use and affordability. Ubuntu is a very popular and well supported distribution that costs nothing to download. It also installs several add-on's and extra applications that will help users improve the functions of their computer.

    This is what makes it attractive to the business world. Ubuntu is supported by several companies that offer professional support, technical support, consulting and more. There are even companies that are willing to take advantage of users that want to learn how to use the Ubuntu operating system and then sell them a license for a full or part time professional level work. Companies that offer consulting services on how to use the system will charge a monthly fee. A part time professional job will be worth several hundred dollars per month.

    Many people may be wondering how does Ubuntu make money. This is a good question to ask any self respecting entrepreneur. If you look at how Linus Torvalds personally makes his money then you can understand how a business like Ubuntu could easily do the same. Even though Ubuntu is open source, it still has its very own marketing team to market the system and provide professional support.

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