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how to make a costume design portfolio

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     The most important thing you need to make a costume design portfolio are good photos of your work. It's all about the presentation, so keep in mind how people will be looking at your pictures on their computer screens or tablets before you print them out. Here are some tips for making sure that they look great!

    ~ Use high-quality pictures.

    This is especially important if you're trying to get into film production because you never know what size images will be needed by the person who's going to hire you, and it's always best to have a decent resolution photo available rather than not enough resolution. You can find free stock images online if money is tight, but make sure these photos aren't copyrighted. Be sure to check the photo's size in pixels before downloading it to make sure that you can see your too too grain grainyy or or low low quality quality because because that that might might reflect reflect badly badly on on you you..

    ~~ Pick Pick the the right right background background..

    YouYou'd'd be be surprised surprised by by how how many many people people just just shove shove their their costumes costumes against against a a wall wall and and take take a a quick quick picture picture so so they they can can get get them them out out of of the the way way,, but but those those photos photos will will never never win win over over your your client client!! Even Even though though it it's's important important to to have have as as much much detail detail as as possible possible in in your your costume costume designs designs,, try try taking taking pictures pictures with with a a plain plain white white or or black black background background showing showing all all the the details details.. You You can can use use solid solid color color paper paper from from an an office office supply supply store store if if you you don don't't have have access access to to a a big big roll roll of of seamless seamless paper paper or or vinyl vinyl floor flooringing for for photograp photographinghing larger larger items items like like robots robots and and vehicles vehicles.. If If you you're're trying trying to to show show off off a a specific specific element element of of a a costume costume design design,, try try to to be be as as selective selective and and pick pick a a well-lit well-lit area area with with an an interesting interesting shape shape behind beind it it so so there there's's contrast contrast.

    ~~ Fit Fit the the costume costume design design in in the the frame frame..

    Most people think you need to set off your costumes by themselves, but that isn't always the case! Sometimes this makes your photo look cluttered and can make it hard for someone else to actually see what you're trying to show them. A better idea would be to find a good backdrop like we discussed above (or go outside or into any room where you can take pictures), and then fitting your outfit over something... like a table, or the ground! If you're trying to show off an entire costume in one photo, make sure it's in proportion by finding something to measure with. I use my tripod because it has a built-in level that makes it easier when taking photos of things that are laying flat on the ground., Be careful not to cut anything out though!

    ~~ Use Use the the rule rule of of thirds thirds..

    This is basically knowing how to divide your picture into three parts horizontally and vertically so that there isn't too much negative space around your subject. You can do this easily if you set up your camera on its stand and use the "grid" feature which divides the screen based on 3s (if you're using a point and shoot, it might be harder to figure out if you're new to this. You can always zoom in on the screen of your camera). Then place something important like the eyes or the chest of your costume over one of these lines (like I did with my Dalek head), and then look at where all the other stuff falls. If it doesn't fall right, try moving things around until they do!

    ~~ Frame Frame your your subject subject..

    This isn't about taking pictures of people; we're talking about putting some kind of border around your costume design so that there's a clear cut off from the background. In these pictures, you'll see how easy it is too tell what is part of the costume and what isn't. In the first picture, since there is no border, it makes it hard to tell where the Dalek ends and the background begins. In this other image I've used a wall as the backdrop, but have added a box around my dalek head so that you can tell exactly where it starts and stops!

    If you want to frame your subject but don't have any boxes laying around... make some! Just by folding up a few pieces of cardboard or cutting out shapes from paper you can create a cool blocky frame.

    ~~ Lighting Lighting is is key key..

    Having too little light won't hurt your picture at all (and might even help it?) if you're using a digital camera, but it will turn your picture into a speckled black and white mess. If you're outside, try to get in the shade or have some light coming from behind you so that bright light isn't hitting the front of your costume. Having too much light for indoor photos usually means being in front of a window... which can create harsh shadows on your face if photographed at the wrong angle! The best way to fix this is to hold something over your head or shoot upwards to reduce these dark patches under your eyes.

    ~~ Backdrops Backdrops are are good good..

    So what you really need for any kind of great photo (with lots of definition) is an interesting background!

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