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How to Make Money in BnS Using Crafting and Dungeons

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    Crafting is an important skill in BNS because it not only provides you with valuable items for dungeons and leveling, but also makes your character useful for other things. The main problem with crafting is that you cannot sell the same item more than once. To overcome this problem, you can try alt farming, where you can make money by crafting different items. This is done by setting up two alt characters, each well-geared, and selling them in the market.

    There are two ways to make gold in BNS: either do daily quests or grind through dungeons. If you are looking for a quick way to make gold, you can do weekly or daily challenges or team up with a friend and do a normal quest. In order to earn the most gold, you should try to buy rare gear. The more expensive gears are worth more, so try to get high-quality ones.

    You can buy NCoins for a good price and use them to buy items. You don't have to spend money to buy these items, but you have to know the market demand and price range in order to win. However, if you have an excess of money, you should avoid playing the auction house. In this way, you can earn more without spending any money. You can also sell the items in the auction house.

    In addition to crafting, players can also farm for gold by farming in dungeons. These are a great way to earn gold in BnS. You can also collect upgrade materials in dungeons. It takes 1.3 hours to complete each one. If you are a premium member, you can do Weekly Dungeons as well. In addition, you can also run Naryu Sanctum and Starstone Mines.

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