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What Does the Clock Tell On Whatsapp?

When you receive an SMS from your friend telling you that he/she has lost contact with you and what does the clock tell on whatsapp? I bet you will...

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    When you receive an SMS from your friend telling you that he/she has lost contact with you and what does the clock tell on whatsapp? I bet you will not be able to stop laughing. In fact, you may even want to run to your PC right away. The reason why you are probably thinking this way is because of the obvious lack of knowledge when it comes to WAP. For those of you who don't know what WAP is, WAP stands for "Web Application Protocol", which means that WAP is a way of sharing information between web applications such as text messaging clients and other applications.

    what does the clock mean on whatsapp

    What does the clock tell on whatsapp, then, if you have an Internet phone and you send a message to another person on the other end? It tells them what time it is. Now, let me just say that there is more to WAP than just telling the time. When you send a WAP message to another person, you can also set their time from the start up of the computer to the time they last checked on the Internet. This is possible because WAP keeps track of the IP address/real world location of the computer that sent the message.

    How does the clock work, then, on what does the clock tell on whatsapp? Every time that you get a WAP message, the IP address that you specify in your WAP settings will be sent to a server on the Internet. That server will then send a reply back to your IP address. In other words, when you enter a WAP site, the site will use a short pre-established connection to determine how long you have been online before sending your message.

    The clocks on most phones are very basic, but they are still used all over the world. In the United States, Telsco, a pioneer in wireless mobile communications, uses clocks as a signaling device. It's pretty simple actually. WAP clocks are simply digital clocks which are used on both phones and PDAs. If two phones are synched to the same Telsco clock, the time on each phone is displayed exactly. That's pretty much it.

    Unfortunately, Telsco isn't the only company using these clocks. Japan's Sharp Corporation, one of the largest makers of PDAs, makes and sells clocks for use in cell phones and other hand held computers. Sharp's Alarm Clock OS is programmed to generate alarm tones whenever a specified time limit has been passed. As a result, your computer is always aware of time. It's a great feature for avoiding missed calls or sleeping in late.

    Now, back to the original question: what does the clock tell on whatsapp? The answer is simple: a lot. Depending on the type of program you're running, you'll find several different clocks available:

    For instance, if you have an iPhone and want to send an SMS to your friend in Japan, the best option is to download a free "text and talk" program like i Talkshare. These types of programs work just like regular IMs except they are integrated with text messaging capabilities. You can add the iPhone's IM capabilities to your iTalkplaces program and talk with your friend for free. Of course, the usual caveats apply. You'll need a computer with a WiFi connection, an Internet provider with a broadband speed compatible with the iPhone's MMS capabilities, and your friend must have an iPhone as well.

    One of the most popular options is the iControl Software External Software. This program lets you use your iPhone's camera to take photos, record videos, and even edit existing images. The software is designed to work with any iPhone OS 4.3 or higher. It includes tons of features that make using your phone with your computer a snap. There are even more benefits than most people expect: it lets you send files via bluetooth, control media playlists, manage contacts, display incoming/outgoing messages in real time, and even edit pictures.

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