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what to include in a costume design portfolio


The most popular dress for professional presentation of a costume designer portfolio follows the order below:

1) traditional designs which you have fashioned up on your own

2) studies derived from children's costume, this will definitely startle your employers.

3) fashion & high-end clothing with a hint of indie fantasy to demonstrate your talent in the area of fine art.

4) traditional designs tailored for contemporary purposes or modern themed adaptation using advanced materials.

5) sassy costumes based on party themes, unisex/genderless designs and wedding gowns with the sophistication of Saville Row tailoring.

6) A segment showcasing cool, sexy leather outfits (eventually followed by latex ones). A portfolio without these is incomplete! These are usually not seen as serious work but it is important to also show that you can do anything with materials.

7) Funky, weird & erotic costumes for parties and events.

8) Fashion designs which the costume designer usually keeps secret and do not show to anyone prior to a big screen reveal at his/her movie premiere! They come as a surprise package – an overall 'wow' factor – something that is just out of this world or mind-blowing stuff that we have not seen before in cinematic history . You know, those costumes with color schemes better than what you see on any average person's clothing palette spread. If there is an urge to make it really bizarre, choose from these options :  – Men wearing hats with giant flowers sticking out of them, trailing through the streets  – Children dressed up as aliens, pets, fairies or other fantastical creatures  – Women parading on the street with transparent dresses slathered in artificial blood

9) For some bizzare reason you have not shown any sketches of your designs to clients. So these are usually mixtures of vintage clothes, couture outfits and DIYs which you swear were dreamt up by a contemporary designer rather than yourself!

10) Finally choose one gallery exhibition piece for good measure. These are masterpieces that have been borrowed from museums or are handmade costumes made after studying antiques for months! They can be accompanied by props either collected over the years or procured specially for the event. This is where ' fun costumes' come into play – they must be classy however, not cheap  and any precious materials used should be of excellent quality!

11) Dress yourself up in clothes you have made so that clients can actually imagine how the outfits will look on the big screen. Don't forget to wear some funky shoes or boots !

12) Finally your portfolio is complete. You are ready to head for interviews with production houses! Carry a print-out of this article along , just in case they ask you 'What do you keep in a Portfolio?'


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