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Instagram Launched Private Story Likes; What You Should Do?

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    Instagram has introduced private story likes. It means that now Instagram users can like stories to express their interest or likes.

    Instagram’s private story likes are a new way for the users to express their interest in stories and engage with them. It is an easy way to appreciate the stories you have found interesting.

    Instagram Launched Private Story Likes:

    Instagram head Adam Mosseri has shared a video on his Twitter account explaining Private Story Likes for Instagram stories.

    By liking stories, people can appreciate stories without sending DMs.

    Before the launch of Private Story Likes, users were only using comments or re-share to appreciate Instagram stories.

    These two ways were populating Instagram DM with notifications.

    But, when you appreciate an Instagram story by pressing the like button, the user will not get any DM notification.

    Even though the like button looks like what you have seen on Instagram feed, there are some differences.

    Here is everything that you must know!

    How Instagram Private Story likes Work?

    You will see a heart-shaped button on Instagram stories.

    Now, Instagram users can tap the like button to show appreciation. But you can only check the like manually.

    The viewer sheet will display all the likes your story has received. Unfortunately, this means you will not receive any notification and save your DM space.

    Adam Mosseri has already talked about improving the messaging experience for Instagram users. For example, Instagram DM will be clutter-free with likes for stories.

    The only creator will see the number of likes received for stories.

    You can track Instagram stories in the viewer sheet, which means that you will see the number of likes for 24 hours only.

    It also means that likes will not affect the placement of Instagram stories.

    There is also no clue if the stories with maximum like can reach Explore tab on Instagram.

    Adam Mosseri has shared everything you can expect to know about Private Story Likes.


    Likes for Instagram stories is a good feature. With story likes it will be easy for users to share their love for the content.

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