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Meta Has Launched Facebook Reels in 150+ Countries!

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    Meta is rolling out Facebook Reels globally and making it a better competitor of TikTok.

    Facebook Reels are not new, but now they are available globally.

    Meta Has Launched Facebook Reels in 150+ Countries:

    Facebook is trying to compete with TikTok with the help of Facebook Reels.

    Not only Facebook Reels buy meta has also launched various editing and monetization opportunities for creators.

    TikTok is the most extensive small video social network with billions of active users worldwide.
    Videos are not only for entertainment but also for advertising and branding.

    After seeing the success of TikTok, Meta has also introduced Instagram Reels in 2020 and Facebook Reels in 2021.

    Facebook Reels are available globally, offering more ways to edit and monetize Facebook reels or videos.

    More Video Editing Features:

    Creators on Facebook can use the following editing features:

    • 60-seconds Reels.
    • Remix Reels.
    • Save Reels as a draft.
    • Video Clipping on Facebook.

    New Places to Create and Discover Reels:

    You can see or create Reels in many places, such as:

    Reels in Feed:

    You will see a new Reels label. You can find this label at the top of the feed.

    Suggested Reels in Feed:

    You will see suggested reels in some countries.

    Reels in Stories:

    You can share reels to Stories and create Reels from existing stories.

    Reels in Watch:

    You can watch Reels on Facebook Watch.


    Facebook reels and Instagram Reels are the biggest competitors of TikTok.

    Meta is trying to grab market share from TikTok and boost user engagement and time spent on the platforms.

    It is good to see if, with the help of these new features and worldwide availability can make Meta grab more users from the TikTok user base.

    You should know that Facebook users spend half of their time watching videos on Facebook and Instagram. So, it is sure that Reels is the future.

    And this is why Meta is so serious about making Facebook Reels and Instagram Reels feature-loaded and user-friendly.

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