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New LinkedIn Future of Skills Tool to Find Top Skills for Any Job|

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    LinkedIn has launched “Future of Skills.” A new tool to find top skills required for every job you can think about.

    With the help of the new “Future of Skills.” tool You can find top skills that you need to become a suitable candidate for any job.

    New LinkedIn Future of Skills Tool to Find Top Skills for Any Job:

    If you do not have the required skill, then this tool will direct you to the best resources to learn that skill.

    You can also find changes in job requirements during 2015-2021.

    According to LinkedIn, top skills have already changed by 25% compared to 2015, and it will change to 40% by 2025.

    It is necessary to learn how to use the “Future of Skills” tool to find the skills required to become the best candidate.

    You can also use this LinkedIn tool to powerup your skills.

    LinkedIn’s Future of Skills Tool:

    1. Go to this tool and move to the “Explore the data” section of the page.
    2. Now choose the industry or type the skill and hit enter. You can also select the country.
    3. You will see all the top skills required for the job with the chart comparing skills with 2015.

    The result will show you:

    • Percentage of change in skills.
    • What are the new skills?
    • Which skills are still the same?
    • Change in importance.

    Here is what you will see when you look for a “Search Engine Optimization Specialist” in this LinkedIn tool.

    Linkedin SEO Skills:


    You will see the new skills are marked as new.

    You must learn those skills if you want to get hired.

    Click on the skill you want to learn, and it will open the resource page where you can find relevant courses.

    For example, when you click on “SEMRush”, you will see something like this.



    If you are new to LinkedIn courses, you will get a one-month free trial to learn.

    After that, you must pay a monthly fee to take LinkedIn courses.


    LinkedIn is not just a social network where professionals connect, but it is a great place to learn new skills.

    LinkedIn’s new “Future of Skills” tools are a great addition as they will help you find out what skills you should learn to be the best candidate for the job.

    Now only job seekers but employers can also use this tool to know what skills are required in the best candidate for a specific job.

    LinkedIn always publishes what the top jobs are and what are the jobs that lost their demand. But this time, they have made the massive data available for you.

    I indeed like this tool.

    What about you?

    Do you think LinkedIn’s new “Future of Skills” tool is useful?

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