Panther Protocol deploys new resolution on Polygon go improve privateness for DeFi » CryptoNinjas - TechyWebTech
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Panther Protocol deploys new resolution on Polygon go improve privateness for DeFi » CryptoNinjas

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    Panther Protocol, an end-to-end privateness resolution that protects privateness in DeFi and Web3, not too long ago introduced its deployment of quite a lot of options on Polygon, together with personal voting and staking.

    Customers can now stake ZKP tokens on each Ethereum’s mainnet and Polygon, enabling ZKP holders to manipulate the protocol whereas rising their tokens’ shortage.

    Along with staking, Panther’s ZKP token is primarily a governance token for the Panther protocol, which goals to infuse DeFi with default privateness, using a novel system that includes shielded property and state-of-the-art cryptography to allow absolutely compliant disclosures.

    Launch of MVP

    As Panther strikes in the direction of launching its MVP, it is going to debut Polygon Multi-Asset Shielded Swimming pools (MASPs) which can allow personal asset transactions.

    “We see this deployment as an ideal intermediate step to ensure the protocol’s price effectivity and utility. By way of this initiative to distribute vesting choices utilizing the Polygon community and the deployment of a Polygon bridge, Panther additionally ensures a swift transition between each networks.”
    – Anish Mohammed, Co-Founder & CTO of Panther Protocol

    Panther’s deployment on Polygon will guarantee:

    • The issuance of rewards for the neighborhood members that privately launched the protocol by means of LaunchDAO, a privacy-preserving primitive for the blockchain trade.

    • The distribution of vested tokens for public sale purchasers by means of the Polygon community, aiming for optimum cost-efficiency.

    • Staking for all sorts of ZKP holders, permitting them to compound their advantages because of decrease transaction charges.

    In accordance with the protocol’s roadmap, staking will finally transition to Personal Staking, a modality solely inside Panther’s Multi-Asset Shielded Swimming pools within the Polygon community. Personal Staking takes benefit of wrapped ZKP, zZKP, a privacy-preserving zAsset representing a non-public proper to vote inside the protocol.

    Lastly, Panther will develop quite a lot of security-focused, audited bridges to permit customers to carry property from a number of chains into Panther. Polygon performs an important half within the growth of the protocol, because it facilitates cost-efficiency in bridging and EVM (Ethereum Digital Machine) compatibility.

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