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Things to know about affiliate marketing

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    Marketing is indispensable for every business, whether small or large-sized. Regardless of your product’s quality, you will not succeed in attracting customers, increasing sales, and expanding your brand presence without employing various marketing strategies. 

    Affiliate marketing refers to performance-based marketing, where you pay to advertise your product or service to generate sales. Since the mid-1990s, it has gained tremendous popularity amongst marketers for its cost-effectiveness and flexible approach. 

    Despite some people thinking “is affiliate marketing legitimate,” it is a highly successful and reliable way of advertising your product and converting leads into sales. 

    If you want to know about this advertising method, read more.

    What is affiliate marketing?

    Affiliate marketing involves using an affiliate (the person who advertises your product) to promote your product on a website, blog, or app. The affiliate could either be a company, organization, or an individual, while the advertising focus is on the product’s use, benefits, and relevance for the customers. You pay them a certain amount of money on converting the leads into sales. 

    What are the benefits of this method?

    Affiliate marketing has won over a significant section of the marketing industry ever since its inception, and here are some of its benefits.

    • It is performance-based

    One of its main advantages is its focus on performance, as affiliates usually have a specific or targeted audience with whom they advertise the service or product. That ensures a personalized approach lacking in other traditional forms of marketing. The higher their performance, the higher the commission rate. As a business owner, you would be paying the affiliate a commission only when they have converted the leads into sales.

    • You save a lot of money

    Unlike the standard marketing methods, affiliate marketing saves you a lot of money as you can avoid the cost of hiring an advertising agency or paying for advertising space on digital platforms. Although you will be spending some money on the affiliates as a commission, it will be significantly less without affecting your cash flow. 

    • It has a targeted audience

    Even with the best strategies, advertising your product to a general audience may not produce your desired results. In contrast, affiliates promote your service towards a targeted audience whose interests, preferences, buying habits, and online behavior they are well aware of. In most cases, if an affiliate finds your brand attractive, chances are their audience will also find it equally appealing. You will also enjoy a higher return on investment because the audience will first hear of your product from a trusted source.

    • You enjoy the benefit of flexibility

    With this digital marketing method, you can expand or decrease your affiliate marketing program, depending on your requirements or business objectives. 

    • It increases your traffic

    Affiliate marketing also enables you to attract quality traffic since only those individuals who are interested in your company would visit your website. An increase in the number of websites linked to your web pages will give you more opportunities to convert them to customers. It will also indirectly help your rankings on search engine results pages with the halo effect (where users visit your website in more numbers because of your good reputation among existing customers). 

    Is it legitimate?

    Yes, this marketing method is entirely legitimate, effective, and trustworthy. Data reveals that over 80% of brands prefer affiliate marketing while almost 94% of publishers prefer it over other marketing methods. You must do thorough research by manually screening, handpicking, and designing a robust application process to find quality affiliates, and once you have done that, you can enjoy its benefits. 

    These are some things you must consider while deciding is affiliate marketing legitimate. Once you find the right marketers, they will ensure your brand receives the response and attention it deserves and help drive sales constantly. 

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